Summer So-Whats


So what if…

You’re sweaty.

Like really, really sweaty. Armpit stains soaking your favorite shirt, making you feel like the star of a bad Dove commercial.

Summer So Whats Man Repeller 1

So what. Everyone else is sweating, too. So what if you forgot to shave and you’re wearing a skirt (no one’s scanning your knees for hair; there is no gold rush for stubble; no one gets a prize for locating the patch of fur behind your thigh).

So what if your fake tan looks a little wonky or you got too much sun.

So what if you smell bad?

You forgot to put deodorant on and have activated hormones that make you stink? Welcome to the club.

Summer So Whats Man Repeller 2

So what if you’ve worn the same pair of shorts every single day.

Summer So Whats Man Repeller 3

So what if you secretly don’t like the beach. Or you do, but haven’t gone. No one’s searching your Instagram for proof of living. Just proof of life in general.

So what if you haven’t gotten a pedicure once this summer — and you “need one.”

So what if you haven’t had a summer fling.

Summer So Whats Man Repeller 7

Not even a makeout. So what.

So what if you’ve had a lot of summer flings and you’ve made out with everyone. You know my life motto: be safe and have fun.

So what if you haven’t read a single “beach read” yet. So what if you haven’t even read a magazine with a pool on the cover.

Summer So Whats Man Repeller 6

So what if you’re the only person in the office who wants the A.C. off,

If you didn’t lose that winter weight,

Or if your swimsuits are three years old.

Summer So Whats Man Repeller 4

So what if you have cellulite, are plagued by bad light and cannot figure out for the life of you how to capture the perfect sunset.

Seriously. So what.

You can afford to let loose and be cavalier and throw caution to the wind like an untethered sail. Summer is the thickest malted ice cream milkshake the world can make. And your only job from now until September is to soak it up through a giant, red and white striped straw.

Summer So Whats Man Repeller 5

Illustrations by Emily Zirimis.


Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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