Let Loose: a Slideshow, a Playlist and Reasons to Dance Naked

Above: a slideshow of hot weather outfits to get you thinking about good shorts, great pants and what tops to wear under the office-air-conditioner sweater that you keep at your desk, which you sort of hate. (Maybe the slideshow will inspire you to get a new one?)

And below: a playlist to dance naked to, because before you can properly absorb any inspiration and put together an outfit that’s all your own, it’s wise to appraise what exactly it is that you are working with — so behold, a list of reasons to dance wild, free and naked.

+ Because when is the last time you did?
+ The floor of your apartment is a much more structurally-sound place to be leaping about naked than the shower, that is for damn sure.
+ Your roommate isn’t home.
+ Or maybe she is? Tell her you need five in the living room. Say you’re vacuuming. You can do this with a vacuum! Two birds, one nude.
+ Because your neighbors aren’t looking. And if they are, so what? Nothing anyone hasn’t seen in the YMCA locker room.
+ Skin feels so fun when it’s unconstricted by clothes. TAKE JOY IN THE EARTHQUAKE THAT YOUR THIGHS CAN MAKE!
+ Everyone’s voice sounds exponentially better whilst naked. Oh, you thought that was the shower’s acoustics? Nope. It’s your body’s way of thanking you.
+ Speaking of, when’s the last time you got a little fresh air up/down there? There you go.
+ It is exciting and thrilling and natural and weird and normal all at once. It is the most human you can be and also, the most magical.
+ It’s Let Loose Month on Man Repeller, remember?

You remember. Now, perhaps with clothes on just for the sake of internet safety, in the comments below, you can offer up a few to-do-nude dance moves, eh?

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis. Playlist by Juliette Kang.


Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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