6 Summer Trends That Are Going to Blow Up, According to Zara

5 summer style trends that are going to blow up, according to Zara.

I like to think of myself as a creatively malleable person when it comes to figuring out how to combine different items of clothing upon my person. Nonetheless, whenever I happen to indulge in a perusal of Zara’s website, I am stung by the revelation that my creative juices need to loosen the hell up. There are so many more risks to take! So many more ideas to bend my mind around! So many more sartorial stretches to attempt!

This is not to say that Zara has an exclusive on unique styling inspiration, but I’ve found that it does frequently hit the nail on the different-but-still-accessible head, and that accessibility piece is really worth something, because you don’t actually have to buy the clothes to capitalize on the fun — you can simply recreate the way they happen to be arranged with the pieces of your own wardrobe. Scroll down for six summer styling ideas gleaned from Zara’s Spring/Summer campaign.

1.Pair Your Skirt With a Sports Bra

This might seem like a risqué move but I literally saw Amelia do it yesterday with a white sports bra (or very cropped crop top — I’m not sure, but it doesn’t really matter) and high-waist linen skirt, and let me tell you, it looked AMAZING. I realize not every office dress code would be friendly to this particular combination, but there are plenty of other occasions where you might entertain it, including but not limited to: a fifth date, a rooftop barbecue, a park hang and/or a post-workout trip to your local smoothie shop of choice. I like how Zara styled the look with a white button-down around the waist, too, not only because it looks cool but also because what if your shoulders decide they want some shade at some point?

2.Give Your “Going Out” Look the Windbreaker Treatment

There’s no denying the reality that although summer days can be positively boiling, summer nights can be a goose bump factory waiting to happen. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little fatigued of the usual “jean jacket or bust” summer outerwear fare, which is why I was particularly excited about this idea of subbing in a windbreaker. Not only is it compellingly “different,” but it will also conceivably pose a refreshing contrast to whatever going-out attire you choose to pair it with: casual dad on vacation meets fanciful woman on dance floor.

3.Go Full Nancy Meyers Heroine With an All-White Ensemble

The combination of a white tank top, white button-down and white jeans may seem simplistic at first glance but that’s precisely the reason why it is, in fact, deliciously satisfying. It’s so simple you might overlook it, which is what makes it secretly multifaceted. It’s a hidden gem, ready and waiting to both clothe you and cloak you in the kind of mystique that is exclusive to outfits that are both bafflingly easy and aesthetically pleasing.

4.Wear a T-shirt Over High-Waist Bikini Bottoms

I plan on executing this styling idea whenever I find myself within 20 feet of a body of water for the next two months. After all, there’s only a very small window of the year when the region that stretches from my kneecaps to hips can soak up direct sunlight without a) receiving some questionable looks and b) getting cold, so I would like to formally declare bikini bottoms the new pants. In other words: no pants are the new pants. Stick a T-shirt on top and call it an outfit.

5.Slide a Scarf Belt Through Your Suit Loops (Not to Be Confused With Froot Loops)

I’m one of those people who never has a belt and always needs one, so the idea of using a silk scarf instead feels like a “DUH!!!!!” revelation for me personally. It’s also a great trick for making a suit look less corporate-y and more vacation-y, no matter what kind of florescent lighting you happen to be dealing with.

6.Layer Camp Socks Under Your Fanciest Sandals

I just wrote 400 words about why socks are the most underrated summer accessory, so it’s no surprise this particular styling suggestion resonated with me in my bones. I especially like the pairing of camp socks with fancy sandals because it conveys the exact kind of irreverence I feel is important to chase after when getting dressed in the summer, in addition to helping you get from point A to point B blister-free.

Photos via Zara

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