The 4 Best Summer Trends + Fun Ways to Wear Them

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One of the most enjoyable things about living in the digital age is that fashion has become a consistent stream of choose-your-own-adventure opportunities, a (literal) scroll of movements and ideas waiting to be cherry-picked at will. Given that, it’s inevitable that some options appear decidedly more adventuresome than others. Trends that glimmer with possibility and intimidation in equal measure. Trends that, for whatever reason, maintain the illusion of being “hard to pull off.”

I’ve always taken issue with that phrase because it assumes that participating in fashion requires the fulfillment of arbitrary prerequisites, even though participating in fashion is as simple as getting dressed in whatever clothes make you feel your best. In my experience, the secret to trying out a trend for the first time is treating it like a bite of unfamiliar food. Combine it with things you already know and love. Dabble in its more elemental forms. Experiment in front of people who are keen to cheer you on. Oh, and do some light research — which is my cue to pass the mic to the below outfits, each of which proffers an easily digested idea for wearing some of summer 2019’s most unabashedly fun trends.


Even though I’m a wizened tie-dye freak myself, I understand why it might conjure hesitations for a first-timer. It has extremely campy connotations, after all, and I mean that quite tangibly in that summer camps ’round the world rely on tie-dye as a primary form of craft. It’s also imbued with sprinklings of 70s-era hippies, teenage Chelsea Clinton, and Destiny’s child at the 2000 CFDA awards. So how is a tie-dye beginner expected to start afresh in 2019? Good Q! Here’s an answer: pastel tie-dye. Slightly more subtle, equally satisfying.

Sheer Genius

This is a great trend to consider if you’re growing fatigued of the typical going-out top + jeans formula for getting dressed on a Saturday night. What’s better than a sheer dress to make you stand out in a sea of belt loops, hmm? While there’s fun to be had in layering a sheer dress over a basic slip, if you want to go for a barer look, I would advise styling the dress in a way that makes it clear you’re embracing its sheerness instead of advertising it by happenstance. In other words, whatever is underneath should feel like a special treat, a deliberate part of the overall look. Like a colorful bra, or a tank top emblazoned with a sequin hedgehog. Not into dresses? Try a sheer suit.

Head-to-Toe Summer Knits

From crochet to lace to miscellaneous knubby textures, summer knits are very much a THING right now. In addition to more classic silhouettes like sweaters, there are also tons of cool knit pants and tops on the market (new brand YanYan is a prime example). If you’re worried that going ham on the trend will make you look and feel like a sweaty human throw blanket, never fear, baby steps are here. Keep it simple with a knit tank and open-weave pants with just enough breathing room to keep the backs of your knees fresh and ready to party.

Bike Shorts

Bassike bike shorts -- similar here, Kate Sylvester mesh top -- another here, Anna Quan shirt, vintage Dior bag, Acne Studios sneakers, Enesea custom "MR" earrings Bassike bike shorts -- similar here, Kate Sylvester mesh top -- another here, Anna Quan shirt, vintage Dior bag, Acne Studios sneakers, Enesea custom "MR" earrings

Usually I’m all about contrast when it comes to styling (give me a black-tie dress paired with hiking boots and I’ll give you a tooth-filled grin), but bike shorts are a rare exception. Instead of trying to counterbalance them with a blazer and kitten heels, consider something more relaxed. Like a white button-down layered over a gauze-y shirt, and sneakers that feel like just the right balance between aesthetically pleasing and practical.

What trends are you excited to try this summer? Tell me in the comments.

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