What Are You Doing This Weekend? Here Are 3 Outfit Ideas

I’ve recently been bullied into believing that the best and only way to unwind and relax is to meditate. Chances are, the bullies aren’t wrong, but I’ve forgone their definitions of meditation — that is, twenty minutes alone in a room with my eyes closed and a mantra running through my mind, or so many deep breaths I find myself quite literally out of breath, or impossible-to-achieve stillness — in favor of my own. My meditation looks as follows.

Open iPhone notes.

Click into the one called Outfits.

Start making up looks.

Really! That’s it! I do it for like, 15 minutes every time I’m overwhelmed and when I’m done, I am not just at ease but have a bank of shit to wear. (Although sometimes these outfits are constructed with garments I don’t own, which is curious, yes, but fantastical in its own way). I’ve been doing this for many moons, it has always worked, I’ve always called it compulsion but now I know: maybe, this is how I meditate.

As it is still very much Let Loose and Relax month, I now bring you a combo platter that satisfies a hankering to wear clothes but strip down the anxiety, if you know what I’m talking, about in a triplet of outfits to wear whenever, wherever, whatever you’re doing this weekend.

So! If You’re Going to a Pool Party (or want to feel like you’re going to a pool party), Try:


Araks bathing suit bottom, Staud top and knit bag, Aurélie Bidermann bracelets and necklace, Gucci sunglasses, Chanel sandals

A high waist bikini bottom that likely won’t be mistaken for shorts, but if thinking it will be gets you out to door, go with it. I paired the bottom with a cropped and striped button down. You can also try tucking in a longer one, or tying yours where it meets the top of your briefs. Dramatic shoes, dramatic accessories and a dramatic head of hair will add, you know, drama.

If You’re Going Nowhere but Want to Feel Like You’re Headed Somewhere, Try:


Staud t-shirt, Missoni chain bra — similar crochet style here, Aurélie Bidermann necklace, Rosie Assoulin pants

A t-shirt with a bikini top over it. If that doesn’t work for you, how about taking a long necklace and wearing it across your t-shirt like you’re Rambo, only bullets aren’t your currency– turquoise is. Make love not war, you know?

And If You Just Want to Make Like Carrie and Run Across Sidewalks, How About:


Dolce & Gabbana tank, Missoni shorts, Fendi bag, Manolo Blahnik sandals (all acquired at fierce, sale-propelled discount!)

The tightest tank you own with shorts that look a tiny bit like the big ass tight-y white-ys that Carrie used to borrow from Aidan. Throw in a pair of dainty sandals for good measure (fun alert! I got these, unworn and by Manolo Blahnik, on The Real Real for under $100) and some version of a bag with a short arm strap.

Remember, you don’t actually have to be going anywhere. Just breathe into your lewk; call it a guided meditation if you’d like, but most importantly:





Or don’t if you’re too stressed out. This is a no-pressure zone.

Photographed by Krista Anna Lewis.


Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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