Your Summer Fling, According to the Zodiac

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Summer is for falling in love. It’s the adult equivalent of “school’s out!” even if your workload is exactly the same and your bosses don’t recognize the sanctity of Summer Fridays. It’s the season of vacations, colorful outfits, ripe stone fruits, showing more skin, and embracing an overall lightness of being. Such are optimal conditions for romance to bloom. To celebrate, I’ve matched up every sign of the zodiac with their fling for Summer 19. The summertime wave of infatuation may hit you in surprising ways—so prepare to be changed, even if it doesn’t last past Labor Day weekend.


You rams have a (well-earned!) reputation for being blunt and aggressive, which is why your romantic side is not as widely known. But actually, you have a tendency to be hyper-romantic and go hot and heavy right away with a newfound partner, and this summer is all about sparks that blow up into a full conflagration. Whether it lasts—that’s a bit dicier. But you love nothing more than to seize a high-drama moment when the opportunity presents itself, and you’re very keen on spotting those opportunities.


You bulls love a powerful monarch (game recognizes game), and you may find yourself attracted to your boss or someone in with more status than you this summer. The good news is, you’re usually an expert at navigating these situations, being charming, unflappable (even if you’re fluttering inside!), and functional in a hierarchical dynamic. The less-than-good news is that, well, work is not the ideal context for developing butterfly feelings. You might be tempted to take fewer vacation days because it’s hotter in the office than it is on the beach. But take your time off; you’ll need that time to help you keep a cool head.


Boundaries are not your superpower, Gemini. You’re great at letting information out and less practiced about keeping up a firewall. Which is why your fling won’t be sexual necessarily (unless boundaries are your kink? Not here to shame), but it will be helpful: This summer you’ll fall in love with thinking before you speak, and it will save you from having to negotiate weird levels of intimacy with people you don’t really know or trust yet. When you make the space to discern who really belongs in your life and at what level of closeness, you end up honoring your own heart, Gemini. It’s really your own emotional safety and well-being that has you smitten this summer, and it sounds like a downright keeper.


To a crabby little water sign like Cancer, the beach is home. The serenity of the waves upon the sand is unmatched by any meditation exercise, and Cancers have some of the most hyperactive fear responses in the zodiac. That’s why you’re always so prepared with all manner of wet wipes, nail clippers or extra gummy vitamins—you’re always afraid you’ll forget something. So this summer, your heart and soul may belong to a place that allows you to unburden yourself (temporarily) from all of life’s stressors and hide away under an umbrella with a streak of zinc on your nose and a good book cracked open. This kind of love can last a lifetime.


Leos are famous for loving themselves, and this summer you may become enamored with someone who is a lot like you. The opposites-attract model of dating is simply one way to do things, and you’d rather leave the charming miscommunications for rom-coms. Instead, you’re all about twinning a little with your crush, whether you share a name, a zodiac sign, or the same preference for trains over cars. Some of the greatest celebrity pairings of our time dressed alike, and whether or not their love lasted, the aesthetic lives on. It’s one thing to be dating your best friend (yawn), but it’s totally next level to date your doppelganger.


Aw, Virgo, your partner is your summer fling! Whether you’ve been dating for a month or closing in on 10,000 hours together, you may stumble into a honeymoon phase with your actual real significant other. While long-term commitment may not be the sexiest concept for everyone, it’s basically your love language. What weakens your knees is not the one-off grand romantic gesture but the gradual process of someone showing up every day and earning your respect. No bells and whistles needed. Just the goods.


You might not be in love per se, but you are in a groove where you and your friends are really appreciating each other. Romantic friendship is a truly Libran concept, whereby sweet and whimsical elements sneak into your platonic relationships. Perhaps you’re more physically affectionate, or you make each other laugh so hard it’s like you lose yourself in the world you’ve created together. You’ve probably got cute nicknames, too. It’s not that the bonds of your friendship are structured differently than others; they are just tinted with a romantic hue. And it’s a very summery palette.


If you’ve ever been in love, then a tiny part of you is still in love. You’re the sign of deep emotional transformation, and you’re forever marked by all of your exes. (By the way, so are they.) This summer, there may be one you can’t stop thinking about, and who knows, with retrograde season afoot, you may get back in touch. But whether the rekindling takes place in a wistful reverie (cue Adele) or by actually meeting up and seeing if this thing still works, you’re longing for something you’ve already had. Of course, there’s also the pesky reasons you broke up in the first place–but that’s what fall is for!


Oh my god, your summer fling is famous! If any sign is built for celebrity, it’s you, Sagittarius. You’re exuberant, full of life, charming, and so funny. So it makes sense that you may catch the eye of someone with a following. Maybe it’s an actual, literal A-list star, or maybe it’s an up-and-coming writer or a comedian with some niche fame, but either way you’ll be totally hot for each other and down to soak up the spotlight together.


Capricorns like to maintain composure, which is why it’s so cute when someone you didn’t expect to fall for cuts right through your defenses. Prepare to find yourself this summer completely taken with someone who is so not your type. If you tend to go for theater nerds, you may be dazzled by the wit of a banker. Maybe you’re a dyed-in-the-wool baseball fan and they are addicted to celebrity gossip. Let yourself get carried away by the novelty, and try to remember that just because you’re different doesn’t mean you’re wrong for each other.


I see you with someone sweet, Aquarius. Someone soft with delicate curves. They are completely comfortable in their own skin, and it inspires you. When you’re together, they leave you breathless and flushed. PDA is inevitable. You can take them anywhere, and your parents will absolutely love them. But it’s too soon for that. You’re still getting to know them. Even though they seem bright and carefree on the surface, you can sense a dark pit of insecurities. Sometimes when you’re hot and heavy, they get in your face and make a mess. But it’s okay, because they quench a thirst you never knew you had. They make you feel young! You’re not the jealous type, Aquarius, but they turn heads, and you can tell that others want in on your fresh bounty. But they are all yours. Okay, I’ll call them by their name–I’m talking about peaches! You’ll be crushing on peaches.


Nothing beats the romance of a first love, and you, Pisces, may re-develop some fuzzy feelings for your childhood crush. You just can’t replicate the chemistry with someone who used to walk with you behind the swings at recess and whose mom was your homeroom teacher in middle school. Let the magic of the past sweep you both up this summer, as you rediscover the ways you’ve changed and stayed the same. It’ll make your trips home extra sweet.

Illustration by Allison Filice

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