A Guide to the Best Swimwear Brands for Big Boobs

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A couple of months ago, I asked the Man Repeller team to tell me about their favorite swimsuit, and as I sorted through everyone’s responses, I felt a familiar wave of jealousy wash over me. In comparison to the crocheted, ruffled, all-round joyous suggestions of my colleagues, my collection of utilitarian bikinis and one-pieces felt incredibly boring. Maybe I should be used to it after 15 years of bikini top-induced changeroom meltdowns, but the reminder that so few swimwear brands cater to my DDD+ cup size still stung.

By the time the story went live, I had accepted my swimsuit destiny and resumed my life’s regular programming, but then I noticed a conversation blossom in the story’s comment section. A reader asked if anyone had suggestions for people with a DD+ cup and others quickly jumped in to deliver suggestions. As I read through and started opening tabs, I felt the flicker of excitement I’d missed the first time around. Eager to curate a list of big boob-friendly swim brands, I dug into the recommendations to see if they were as good as they sounded. (Spoiler: They were.)

So if you share in my occasional frustration, below are some beloved swimwear brands that cater to big boobs, as recommended by MR readers, with a few adds per my own tireless sleuthing.

Monday Swimwear

Before Monday Swimwear even existed, I followed its co-creator Devin Brugman for her bikini recommendations. If you want to see what this brand’s swimsuits look like on someone with big boobs, you need not look further than Devin’s Instagram. The brand’s size range runs from “petite” (an A cup) to “very voluptuous” (a G cup), all designed with big boobs in mind.


After being chased all around the internet by targeted Lively ads, I caved and went in-store to try on one of their busty swim bralettes. The top comes in two sizes: one which is said to fit a size 34D to 32DDD, and one which is said to fit a size 34DDD to 38DDD. I’m a 32DDD but had to size up to the latter. Halter tops can be a literal pain in the neck, so I love that this bralette has soft over-the-shoulder straps.


L*Space have an entire collection that’s designed for D and DD cups (sadly, no bigger at the moment). I particularly enjoy the Parker top, which has super soft and thick straps, and the Piper top, which has adjustable straps (the big boob bikini dream).

Ashley Graham x Swimsuits For All

This Very Good bikini top and this ribbed one piece both size up to a 24. Honestly, the only thing wrong with this collection is that there isn’t more of it.

The Fold

I mentioned this brand in the original MR swimwear post, and am mentioning it again right now because it truly is that great. The Fold offers a size 30DD to 38G and are so well-made and minimal; I’ve never worn a swimsuits as much as I’ve worn this black one piece. Next, I want to try out this wine-colored underwire top.


I recently got two bikini tops from RAQ and love both. They’re flattering, supportive, and run from a D to GG cup. They offer a fit chat over Facebook Messenger if you have any questions about sizing, and I found the online fitting really helpful.

Do you have any other bikini top or swimsuit recommendations for people with big boobs? If so, I want to hear them (obviously).

Gyan Yankovich

Gyan Yankovich is the Managing Editor at Man Repeller.

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