SZA Makes Stuff You Already Own Look Incredible

LISTEN UP: All people, places and things that have heretofore been considered stylish are officially on notice as a result of SZA and SZA’s Instagram, which are single-handedly redefining what it means to have style and/or be cool.

When I showed Amelia the below photo of SZA in cuffed track pants, long sleeves and shearling slippers, she put her head down and silent-cried at the simple green beauty of it all. It’s the highest possible praise for an outfit someone thinks is incredible, which Amelia does, because she has eyes.

Holy shit. Why are any of us buying new things when we could be wearing this AND walking a dog at the same time? I feel like a colorblind person seeing the rainbow for the first time.

Now. Imagine an oversize ripped pair of jeans, a pointy pair of stilettos and a hooded gray sweatshirt and tell me if this is what you conjured:

What. Are. We. All. Doing.

What I find particularly impressive about SZA’s style is it doesn’t lean on special designer-priced pieces — an approach I’m sure is available to her, given her name. It doesn’t even rely on nice materials. It’s literally T-shirts and jeans and sneakers. She wears the stuff sitting in all of our closets with the casualness I reserve for Sunday-morning coffee runs but looks 1,000x more chic. Pls review:

A brown long-sleeve shirt one might wear to ski? Graphic tee you’ve had since 1998? Vintage Levi’s? Low-top sneakers? Check, check, check, check, bye.

Baby tees are back. Don’t blame me, but at least you could look like this.^

I’ve tried so hard to approximate this look and, let me tell you, it was about 11,455 miles south of working. How does she do it, is a question I need an answer to.

I’m speechless. Need to procure green sneakers and get invited to a house party ASAP. DM me please.

This is just jeans and a blue T-shirt and Adidas. Just thought you should know.

I wish I could convey what an emotional challenge it is for me to not dump her entire Instagram into this story, but I suppose that would be unethical. Look at these big-ass overalls plus white T and Birkenstocks and tell me you’re not second-guessing your whole closet.

Two words: DOUBLE CAMO.

I’m sorry, but what did you say you work out in???

Brb, putting my foot on my bathroom counter.

Let’s unpack this look: BLACK T-SHIRT AND JEANS. That’s all. Damn, she looks so good.

I’m bereft.

Bodega lewk. (IT IS A MAROON HOODIE.)

Where my platform Teva’s @?!?!? Need to pair with yellow socks, blue shorts and green sweatshirt and need to do it STAT.

I may be biased towards a wardrobe that can be almost entirely procured by way of thrift store, but I think SZA and her Instagram are revolutionary. She doesn’t make you want to go out and buy stuff, she makes you want to go give your closet a second look and consider whether you’ve already got everything you need. That’s a public service. It’s like she’s accidentally beat capitalism/the patriarchy and in doing so unlocked the key to free retail therapy/self-esteem. Plus, her music’s good. You know, in case you were looking for a new icon.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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