“If Sade Wouldn’t Wear It, I’m Not Buying It”: Telsha Anderson’s Outfit Anatomy

Outfit Anatomy: Telsha Anderson

Welcome to Outfit Anatomy, a series of comprehensive style analyses that aim to break down the mechanics of why we wear what we wear. Up this week is Telsha Anderson, who recently opened her luxury concept store t.a. in New York’s Meatpacking district, after the store’s launch, originally slated for March, had been foiled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

My philosophy for getting dressed has drastically changed over the last few months. Having been home during COVID-19, I now automatically look for something to wear that provides a level of comfort. It’s also a reminder that our clothes can make a statement, whether that’s simply in reference to a bold color or wearing a Black-owned brand.

I bought this Hommegirls button-up a couple of weeks ago and nothing else has ever felt so divine on my skin! I went home to Jersey when COVID-19 first really hit NYC, and I had only packed enough clothing for two weeks. I was constantly borrowing button-ups from my brother so I could maintain the illusion of professionalism on my Zoom calls. Because he wouldn’t let me keep his, I searched high and low for one that had a hint of that classic masculine frame with a touch of femininity. I finally found it via Hommegirls on Instagram and haven’t taken it off since. It feels like something Sade would have in her closet—I always say, “If Sade wouldn’t wear it, I’m not buying it.”

 The MRZ long knit pants I’m wearing are one of my favorite in-store items at t.a. These pants are so soft and breathable. Lately, I’ve been aiming for comfort when I’m working from home or at the store—usually, I’m doing 500 things at once and there’s nothing worse than wearing a piece of clothing you’re adjusting all day. MRZ was actually one of the first brands I encountered during market week in Paris. Their attention to detail for design and production was unlike anything I had ever seen. I love to incorporate at least one t.a. item into my outfit to be a walking example of how to pair pieces from the store with your own closet staples.

I remember reading about the JW Anderson x Uniqlo collaboration on HYPEBEAST the day that it dropped in 2018, and I knew immediately that I had to have this denim jacket. So much so that I actually went to the nearest Uniqlo store on my lunch break that same day. I even got the jeans to match!

 The jacket is the piece I’ve had the longest in this outfit. I wear it every year, all spring long. It surprisingly goes with every piece of denim in my closet. As a dark wash, it wears nicely over time. I call it my “Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants” shapeshifting jacket, because despite being a size small, I can somehow fit a big sweater underneath it or just wear it with a white tank top without looking too baggy.

A year ago, I saw these Isabel Marant slides on their website and ended up not buying them. Big. Mistake. Luckily for me, Yoox had them a few months later on sale and I snatched them up immediately. They’ve been my go-to shoes the last two summers. I can tell the brand truly cared about how they were made, from the leather to the sole of the sandal. The curve inside provides an insane amount of comfort: all sandals should be made like this. They’re also just fun!

Sourcing jewelry was my favorite part about launching t.a. because there’s so much to learn from the showrooms and designers about material, shaping, and everything in between. These Completedworks Gold Vermeil Hoops feature freshwater pearls hidden inside the hoop, creating a playful, futuristic look (and they’re available online and in-store at t.a!). I normally don’t even wear earrings because my hair is always in my face, but when I do, these are the first on my list. They remind me of my mother… they’re something I would have found deep in her jewelry drawer as a kid.

This Completedworks Cuff is the item newest to my wardrobe. I was trying it on when prepping for our store opening last week, and haven’t taken it off since. It can be sized to my wrist or arm depending on how I want to style it, and it works with the staple jewelry pieces I wear every day.

I never really wore a ton of jeans before, but I packed a pair of R13 jeans with me to stay at my parents’ and remembered how comfortable and versatile they are. Since then, I’ve bought probably seven pairs of Levi’s 501 jeans.

If anything, I find that fashion plays a more significant role in my life than ever before. I have fewer opportunities to show off what I’m wearing, so when I do have the chance to put something together, I really give it my all—even if it’s just for strangers at the grocery store.

Outfit Anatomy: Telsha Anderson

Telsha Anderson

Telsha Anderson is the owner and buyer at T.A., a concept store in New York City.

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