Celeb Look of the Week: Tessa Thompson Won Wimbledon

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I have, at best, a casual interest in tennis, the entirety of which can be summed up in one simple gif. But while perusing the Wimbledon-related internet this past weekend, I was rendered speechless by the single most perfect off-court execution of “tennis whites” I’d ever laid eyes on: Tessa Thompson in the unspeakably cool suit she wore to the Ralph Lauren Wimbledon party.

The fact that she wore an all-white suit while looking neither like a bride nor a high-powered TV lawyer was a true win. Like one of those refs atop the very tall narrow chairs, I have decided that this outfit is a 30/30 Love or whatever! She is serving! She looks like a refreshing gin cocktail come to life, crisp and easy to drink. She looks like the re-invention of the problematic male novelist of yore on his way to cheat on his wife with a female war photographer. It’s like the outfit from last summer decided to drop by the U.N. for a quick second. Isn’t a look that is tailored with comfort in mind the crux of summer elegance?

It feels like a bit of a departure from Tessa’s (may I call you Tessa?) normal public looks in that it is a little more subdued, but similar in that it plays with proportions and is flawlessly executed. There’s also the right hint of nostalgia: a mix of old Hollywood menswear and the golden age of 90s supermodels in suits. It’s deceptively simple at first but then obviously not a look most mere mortals could pull off (I’m talking bout those big-ass CUFFS).

Full disclosure and in honor of vanity month, Tessa Thompson in this suit is how I think I look in my head when I’m riding high on a wave of unfounded self-esteem. I would love to slick my hair back, throw on some (prescription) sunglasses and wear a suit that telegraphs exactly how comfortable I am in every situation. It is humbling and awe-inspiring at once to see the best version of yourself come to life.

While we’ve seen a rise in women wearing suits and jumpsuits on red carpets and formal occasions generally, something about this time feels special. Her look seems to slide you a note written on a cocktail napkin that says, “You, too, could be an intellectually rigorous woman of leisure. All you need is the perfect white suit.”

I never thought I’d say this, but: Tennis, anyone?

Photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images.

Nora Taylor

Nora Taylor

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