I Asked, You Delivered: The Ultimate Winter Beauty Advice

Last month I asked, nay, implored you to share your winter beauty tips. And boy did you deliver. Radiators are on, temps are down, the air is getting drier by the minute, and I’m no longer worried about any of it. Why? I’ve got a bevy of beauty tips to keep me moisturized and cute all winter long. (You’re welcome for not saying “moist.”)

There were a few recurring themes: chapstick it up, buy a humidifier, skip a shower day if you can, put Vaseline on your nose to keep it from chapping, drink SO much water, and use Weleda Skin Food. No joke — after, I don’t know, the first seven comments about how good Weleda Skin Food is I finally broke down and got it (it’s not too expensive!) and have been using it as a night moisturizer when my face feels raisin-y. It is perfection. It smells amazing and I have never been so enamored with my own countenance! But Skin Food is just the first of many good recs from the commentariat, so read on for more and feel free to drop any I may have missed in the comments. Stay dewy everyone!

“Winter in NY really fucks me up. I started using a few drops of The Ordinary’s Amino Acids + B5 and then layering on Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel face moisturizer twice a day. It’s been a few weeks, and I haven’t had a single flake. I love that The Ordinary is super, super affordable. (I think my bottle was less than $8.) Oh, another thing: Wash your face with a dadgum washcloth so that you can scrub off any sorts of flakes that would start forming. ”

“I use pure, vegan squalane oil on my face in the winter, and African black soap as my face wash. Keeps everything nice and moisturized, not to mention healthy. All to combat winter dryness.”

“I use Trader Joe’s organic grapeseed oil. It’s like $3″

“I love an oil — not coconut though. I like sesame, as it is anti-inflammatory (tip from my derm) — but what I might love more is the body butter from Body Shop (though not for my face, obviously).”

“Mix your oils WITH your moisturizer — because oils are lipids they typically cross the skin cell membrane fast which effectively dries you out after a while. Mixing oil with a thicker cream will let your skin stay moist longer. I use Skin And Senses oil mixed with Biossance moisturizer with squalane (smells awful but works so…) I also put on rosehip oil.”

“In the morning I spritz with rosewater and glycerin and let it get mostly dry. When it’s still a bit dewy, I use Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Foundation as a concealer on top so it blends in as naturally as possible. I set it with a super basic silica-based setting powder and saturate my face with rosewater with glycerin again. It looks super natural and gives an amazing glow.

At night I cleanse with jojoba oil to get off makeup and follow that with Pacifica’s coconut face wash. I wash my hair 1-2 times a week with a shampoo from Trader Joe’s that’s really great, no fragrance or parabens or sulfates. I condition with Shea Naturals conditioner every time I get my hair wet. I use a tea tree body wash from Trader Joe’s; moisturize with TJs hyaluronic serum. Follow with First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. I apply Aquaphor all over my lips, eyes, nose, and cheeks, and saturate my face with rosewater and glycerin.”

“I keep a bottle of organic sweet almond oil (or organic grape seed depending on what’s on sale) in my shower and on my nightstand. I use the one in the shower on my face and body immediately after rinsing off my cleansers. Both oils absorb quickly and are really inexpensive. I use the bottle on my nightstand for rough patches, extra hydration, impromptu makeup remover, etc. It’s also great under a heavy cream and thick pair of socks when your feet get dry. I get the NOW brand from Amazon, it’s like $12 for a large bottle.”

Soap and Glory’s The Righteous Butter has literally saved my whole person. ”

“Long live Burt’s Bees skin cream for very dry skin. I have tried a million other things, but none work nearly as well. I slather this stuff on and dream of 50 degree+ weather.”

“I use Smith’s Rosebud Salve a lot in the winter. It’s only five dollars on Amazon and protects your skin. However, I wear it over makeup rather than as a lotion or skin prep. I mostly use it as a highlighter on the high points of my face but I will also wear it on my eyes for a glossy look. Just warm it up on the back of your hand and tap it on your face with your ring finger. It gives a nice glow to the skin that looks natural (i.e. that summertime glaze). Added bonus!: it protects your skin against the harsh (in my case Chicago) winter wind.”

“I have discovered the BEST hand cream: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Intensive Relief Hand Cream. Palmer’s does another cocoa butter hand cream too but this one has urea as the second ingredient, is fragrance-free and fixes even the driest hands — if my hands are so dry that they’re cracking and flaking, this stuff fixes them immediately. It’s amazing.”

Bag Balm. It is the shit. It’s basically like lanolin infused vaseline. Don’t be weirded out by the fact that it was originally intended for udders, the glorious contents of this charming green container have helped me survive even the driest, flakiest, most chapped winter skin, especially on my lips/nose area.”

“The only thing that keeps my face happy year round (even in a tough northeast winter), is this balm my mom got me from Neal’s Yard Remedies. I put a bit all over my face before bed, and wake up feeling divine. If it’s particularly windy I’ll put a small fingertip worth on my palms, rub it in, then press on my nose, lips, etc. and it’s a good shield for the day.”

Red Earth’s whole line has been working wonders for me with keeping my skin on point this season… I started using their Deep Dive Hydrating Toner and the Water gel thing at night and their Nourishing Tasmanian Sea Kelp toner and moisturizer during the day and have noticed a BIG difference in my skin. Their price points are great too. I don’t think anything I have is over $40. Also that Moon Juice Beauty Shroom serum! I’m so mad I’ve got it because now I can’t live without it and it’s close to $60 for a tiny bottle, but OH MAN is my skin supple and plump and glowing the morning after I use it. If it’s an especially cold day/night I’ll add some Josie Maran argan oil or the Argan Milk stuff they have.”

“I cannot preach the wonders of First Aid Beauty Intensive lip balm [enough]. It’s $20 at Sephora and worth every penny, I’ve had my current pot about a year and just bought my second pot and I’ve NEVER repurchased lip balm cause nothing has been good enough. Just the smallest dab at night and I don’t even have to wear chapstick during the day, OR exfoliate! And girl, I’ve tried everything. Drugstore or high end. Everything. It’s life-changing.”

“The Bite Beauty Agave lip mask is bomb… I just bought it a few days ago because my lips were getting so chapped around the lip line that it started to sting, especially when I wore lipstick. It’s a bit pricey for the size but a little goes a long way. I put it on at night after my whole skincare situation and sometimes in the morning if planning to wear lipstick for the day.”

“I just switched to tea tree shampoo and conditioner. (I can’t remember the brand I got, but it’s from Whole Foods.) As someone with super dry skin and the beautiful gift that is scalp psoriasis (lucky me!), this has already shown improvements in my scalp flakiness, which definitely gets worse in the winter. Also: Working out in the morning makes it a lot more comfortable to take less-hot showers!”

“In case no one has said it yet, it is imperative to have a shower filter. The ‘purification’ chemicals in city water are extremely drying to hair and skin, not to mention what tap water does to your pineal gland but that’s another subject… I use a whole house filter for these reasons. Also keep a repurposed squirt bottle of apple cider vinegar in the shower to rinse hair and skin with just before getting out — it restores the acid mantle of the skin so it can retain moisture — and use natural body oils (avocado or almond) after every shower. It’s worth the inconvenience!”

Dry brushing! I know it was this big fad, but in winter my skin gets so irritated on my legs and it’s actually worst in leggings. So I dry brush (instead of scratching), and then put whatever oil on in the shower, and use an actual moisturizer out of the shower as well. I grew up in Detroit so I share the winter mindset.”

Feature image by Viv Yapp.

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