A Powerhouse Hollywood Exec on What Makes a Good Story

In October, I joined hundreds of talented female creatives in Los Angeles at WNYC Studios’ Werk It podcast festival to talk about the power of storytelling and how to make smart, original, beautiful things in the world. While there, I had the pleasure of interviewing a woman who has done just that for over two decades: Nina Jacobson. She’s a powerhouse Hollywood executive (formerly of Touchstone, Buena Vista and Hollywood Pictures) who runs her own production company, Color Force. As one of a handful of female heads of studios, she’s changing the way that the industry responds to and engages with women in power.

She’s responsible for everything from Hunger Games to Princess Diaries to American Crime Story: The People v. OJ Simpson. She’s constantly looking for ways to tell iconic stories that tackle complex themes like gender, power and race. We talk about all of that in our conversation, and so much more: what she uses as inspiration, how even she makes mistakes in her diversity efforts and what she thinks of this pivotal moment in the entertainment industry. This week, I’m sharing that conversation with you. Enjoy.

Erica Williams Simon

Erica Williams Simon

Erica Williams Simon is the host of The Call.

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