An Activist and Sci-Fi Fan on How to Survive the End of the World

Adrienne Maree Brown is the author of a book I recommend so often I might as well put it in my email signature: Emergent Strategy: Shaping Change, Changing Worlds. It is incredible. She is incredible. Barack Obama once told her he “saw the love goddess” in her. She and Michelle Obama may or may not have had a moment.

Adrienne is a Detroit-based writer, activist, facilitator, poet, and avid sci-fi fan. It’s her love of science fiction that has given her such brilliant insight into how to create the world that so many of of us desperately want to live in: one full of love, equality and freedom.

In this episode, Adrienne and I talk about what birds can teach us about social movements, the value of personal pleasure (did I mention she writes a sex column for Bitch Media, too?), why Beyoncé is absolutely everything, and how to survive the end of the world.

Hope you love listening to this episode as much as I loved making it.

Check out Adrienne Maree Brown’s website here and book here.

Erica Williams Simon

Erica Williams Simon

Erica Williams Simon is the host of The Call.

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