Netflix, Amazon and Google Are Literally About to Change Everything

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Technology can be as frustrating as it is convenient, which is compounded by the fact that it often progresses before we can adapt, in ways we don’t even want. I’ve developed some cynicism around our “there’s an app for that” culture as a result. Not all changes make me roll my eyes, though. Sometimes a brand surprises me by giving me exactly what I want and need. Below are seven such product and service offerings slotted to arrive in the next year. Let me know if you agree that they’re genius and keep your eye out for these in 2018!

NetflixHome by Netflix

I’m sick of paying for all these different streaming services and having no idea where to go if I want to watch a certain show. The disparate $7 charges add up! That’s why I was thrilled when I heard that Netflix would soon be introducing NetflixHome, a service that enables customers to get all their favorite TV shows in one place, with one monthly payment of $30. I can’t wait to just turn on my TV and flip through a single set of categories with one remote. Such a relief. This is what TV should feel like!

AmazonCorner by Amazon

I’m obsessed with Amazon, but waiting two days for essentials like new batteries and gum is such a drag. I’m a modern woman and I’m in a mother-fucking hurry. Rumors are swirling that soon Amazon will be testing a new vertical called AmazonCorner, where they’ll be installing small pop-ups around popular New York intersections so fans of the site can browse their offerings IRL and buy things on the spot. It’s convenience, materialized. Crossing my fingers there will be one in Bushwick!

GoogleBook by Google

The internet is increasingly becoming a cesspool of misinformation. Whenever I ask Google a particular question, I get 7,000 different answers. All that online research keeps me on my phone so much more than I’d like to be. When I heard that Google would soon be releasing GoogleBook, a physical volume with its selection of the best answers to the world’s most burning questions, I immediately preordered one. It sounds so nice to have something in my hands that can teach me something. I know little about the book so far, except that it will be in alphabetical order by topic to make for easy searching. Excited!

FreshLocal by FreshDirect

FreshDirect was an incredible idea — I love being able to grocery shop from home or at work, but sometimes, the lag time in delivery can throw a wrench in my meal prep plans. FreshLocal, which is soon to be announced by FreshDirect, is a new service that will enable you to load up your cart online during your planning process, then just head into a local FreshDirect warehouse, pick out your groceries and take them home right then and there. Fast, easy, immediate. It’s a perfect idea and I’ll certainly be trying it out before my next dinner party!

DeltaGround by Delta

Booking air travel these days has become a real nightmare. If the flights weren’t expensive enough, the add-on fees for every little thing are increasingly driving me to hermitude. Sometimes I’m not looking for the fastest flight; I just want ease and comfort and a reasonable price. DeltaGround, which is said to be Delta’s newest venture, just might manage to strike that balance. With a brand new fleet of road-driving automobiles with top amenities, DeltaGround will reportedly offer transportation that is comfortable, easy and dirt cheap. Plus, beautiful landscape views. What’s a little more time spent en route? Travel’s about to get a whole lot nicer!

TextVoice by Apple

I’m often criticized for writing super long text messages and…I get it. It can be obnoxious and time-consuming to hash out complex plans over text message. That’s why I think the introduction of TextVoice by Apple is such a smart idea. After the next software update, you’ll notice a small mouth icon appear when you’re in the middle of a text conversation that exceeds one minute. If you tap it, you and your friend will be able to simply speak into your phones at each other and finish the conversation by voice. Is that not genius? Will save us so much time and misunderstanding!

UberInstant by Uber

When Uber was recently hacked and its forthcoming service, UberInstant, was scooped, I was on board immediately. Apparently, UberInstant will save customers from the trouble of pulling up their app, calling a car, waiting several minutes, finding the appropriate car and dealing with surge fees. Instead, a new fleet of Uber cars painted an easy-to-spot bright green will be cruising the streets, enabling Uber customers to call upon them immediately by holding up their lit-up phones. Boom: instant car. This is the future, I swear.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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