3 Ways to Make Your LBD Feel Alive Again


I have a confession that will probably estrange 49% of humans reading this post:

I have never watched Sex and the City.

I’ve never seen a full episode or caught a rerun. I haven’t seen the movie, although I have watched the scene in which Charlotte cow-plops her pants after accidentally consuming contaminated water in Mexico and thought to myself, What a fast way to lose those stubborn three pounds!

Just kidding.

My point is that although I’ve never watched the show, I feel as though I have through the various anachronisms that continue to perpetuate and even dictate the current cultural zeitgeist. It’s why I can’t explain how I know Carrie Bradshaw would appreciate the LBD for its saving grace prowess, but would never pass on the opportunity to shake it up. Carrie might even write something like, “Men are like little black dresses. They come in handy, but they’re also prone to deodorant stains. Be advised, and wear with caution…I thought to myself.” Or something.

So here’s to channeling a character I’ve only met through conversations with friends, but who has inspired me nonetheless to kick the blah out of the LBD.

Look No 1: I Have a Hot Tub Time Machine Party, Then a Black-Tie Wedding


Kate Moss for Topshop dress, Reformation skirt, Prada shoes, Topshop socks

Throwing skirts over things has become my default mechanism when it comes to dressing for back-to-back events. Like, for example, if I want to get dressed up for Lorelai Gilmore but I also want to look chic-as-fuq for my all-ladies book club. You get the gist.

Look No 2: I Want to Look Classy But I Also Want to Limbo


Cinq à Sept dress, Marco De Vincenzo shoes, Kedem Sasson necklace — make your own here

Audrey Hepburn is amazing, but just think about the potential Breakfast at Tiffany’s plot twists had Holly Golightly used her pearls as a makeshift limbo stick.

Look No 3: Yes My Luggage Is Over the Weight Limit, Whatchya Gonna Do About It?


Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo dress — another here, Reformation top, Rachel Comey boots, Carine Roitfeld for Uniqlo tights, Ray-Ban sunglasses, H&M earrings

At two years old I declared my favorite color to be blue and I’ve been all about challenging stereotypes ever since. Why not confront the squeaky-clean reputation of the LBD and throw in some white (after Labor Day) shoes and fishnets?

Rebel rebel.

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

Esther Levy

Esther Levy

Esther Levy Chehebar finally mustered up the courage to call herself a writer. She writes children's books for shitty parents on Instagram. Find her here.

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