The Next Big Trend in Pants and How to Wear It

Disclaimer: I have not been tasked with the arduous act of composing an English sentence in five weeks; allow me to reacquaint myself with the English dictionary and its sister, grammar.

Moving on!

We spend a lot of time talking about the fact that trends are dead and how liberating such a notion can be. On the one hand, abiding by a sartorial template constructed by someone else is restricting. On the other, thanks to the pervasive and prolific popularity of style-as-broadcasted-by-social-media in all its millions of permutations, everyone’s opinions are on display — not just opinions that trickle off the runway. Still, there are overarching themes that overwhelm the cues we take each season. Within those themes, subcategories are born to foster the growth of various items, and for the upcoming spring (if it ever arrives!), pedal pushers (pants — or are they shorts? — that hit just below the knee) are the choice way to cover your hooha.

You probably remember all the time I spent extolling the genesis of knee-cap leggings as pants (particularly because I haven’t stopped), so this seems like a natural transition. One that calls for outfit ideas, tips, tricks and a little bit of breastmilk if you want some.

You can call them Capri pants if you want, by the way, I just think pedal pusher is a much better (and more poignant) way to describe them. In the above look, you’ll notice a denim pair freckled by an eyelet linen top with so many ruffles permeating its circumference, and a PVC belt from Tibi that is $75, which is either the best or worst money one can spend. Add shoes that look like gloves for the feet, black sunglasses and boom! You are ready to relive the 60s but in 2018. I wouldn’t mind a red lip stain, either.

Maybe you want to stick to your kneecap leggings given that I forced you to buy so many pairs last year — I get it! Here’s one way to wear them with high-heel mules, a striped polo, a clear trench coat and some funky fresh sunglasses that will make you look like a butterfly.

Ohhhh, you only have black leggings? Totally fine! How do you feel about trying for blathleisure, which is like athleisure only it’s black tie? Add a tuxedo blazer and a strand of pearls for your neck, some danglers for your ears and then think thoroughly about the kind of personality you would like to espouse using your personality heels. The belt is to wrap around your waist so that the bottom half of your jacket creates a peplum, by the way.

And for my final trick! One more pair of pedal pushers that are not stretchy, these by Tibi, as worn with a white bathing suit from Topshop as a top (shop), plus a white button-down that should be left unbuttoned and some cute-ass satin mules by Marc Jacobs, a gold and red threaded necklace and earrings made to resemble what happens when life gives you lemons and you fart glitter on them.

So much success! Man, I missed you.

Collages by Louisiana Mei Gelpi.

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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