In partnership with The Newsette

Thanks to The Newsette, We’re Giving Away Gucci


In partnership with The Newsette.

Pop quiz! Are you in the mood for:

A) Good news

B) Giveaways

C) Goodwill

D) Gucci?

Well, I have A) for you about B), loads of C) and possibly D) if you’re lucky, because today kicks off #MRTreats! A series of holiday sweepstakes we’re pretty sure are going to knock off your camp socks. Every Monday from now until December 12th (that’s six profoundly unterrible Mondays in a row) (you’re welcome) we, along with one of our partners, will be announcing a new giveaway, which you can enter to win via the form down below. Holiday spirit officially present.

Up this week! A fainting couch. Just kidding, but you might need one, because today’s prize, which we’re giving away in partnership with The Newsette, is a $250 gift card to Net-A-Porter and a $2,790 Gucci python mini shoulder bag. UM. Excuse me? Yes. With the card you could get these half off. Just saying. In the bag you can carry your receipts, your after-dinner mints and your beating heart. That’s $3,040 all for the price of no dollars at all which is the coolest price ever.

The Newsette, by the way, is a daily mini magazine that delivers the day’s trending topics to your inbox so you don’t have to scroll through Twitter for four hours every morning from under your duvet. Maybe subscribe and stop being late to work! Also, enter below. Because this is some real shit, guys. You have exactly two weeks! Don’t slack! The winner will be chosen at random and showered in said prizes by The Newsette.

Hop to it then tell us what trinkets you intend to stash in your Gucci bag, because Kate told us MR employees are not allowed to enter and we’d like to live vicariously through you.

#MRTreats over and out. See you next Monday!

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