S.O.S. The Outnet’s Clearance Sale Is Really, Really Good

Mmmmmmm do you smell that? It’s the scent of PRE-THANKSGIVING SALE SEASON, MY PRECIOUS SEA MONKEYS. The OUTNET kicked things off today with the launch of their big, huge, gargantuan clearance sale. And unlike that line about falling in love courtesy of The Fault in Our Stars (you know, “like falling asleep–slowly, then all at once” et cetera), sale season hits like a bull in a china shop or a person with a penchant for freestyle dance inside a serious boardroom and by that I mean a) quickly and b) slightly panic-inducing-ly. Because you know there’s something exciting happening but you aren’t quite sure how to strategically handle it.

I, on the other hand, have been preparing for this particular sale for the last 72 hours because not only did I get advance warning it was about to drop, but I also had an uncharacteristically hearty breakfast of eggs-over-medium, bacon, and two slices of buttered toast at my local neighborhood diner this morning, so you could say my head is in the game if the game is discount sleuthing and what do you know, it actually is. Scroll down for a curated selection of the best stuff I bookmarked after combing through all 95 pages of the clearance section (for you–anything).

Dresses for Holiday Parties and Impending Vacations (Real or Hypothetical)

If I had my druthers, I would only wear this lace dress from Christopher Kane for the rest of my days–over jeans and sneakers with a turtleneck layered underneath during the day and with opaque tights and crystal-embellished stilettos at a holiday party. I’m actually attending Austin’s work holiday party later this week and a lace dress is probably too fancy for the occasion, so I’m considering alternative options like this wintry floral gem and this polka-dot mini as inspiration. But even though it’s freezing cold in New York my imagination is fertile enough that I can easily daydream about warm-weather opportunities to wear this bandana-esque silk chiffon maxi dress, this cool cotton poplin dress with a cutout in the back, and this sartorial equivalent of whipped cream.

Jewelry to Frost Yourself With Posthaste

If you’re confused abut jewelry right now because it’s sweater/hat/scarf season and you’re hard-pressed to discover visible bodily territory, might I suggest some small non-dangly earrings (the better to prevent tangling in the aforementioned scarf, my dear) such as these, these, or these? They’re all under $65. And how gorgina is this necklace and this ring from Aurélie Bidermann?

You Bet Your BOTTOM Dollar There Are Some Good Pants and Skirts (Get It)

In the market for the perfect pair of high-rise straight-leg jeans? These are $60. Searching for statement trousers? These are made of pink crushed velvet. I repeat: pink crushed velvet. Looking for work pants with a twist? These wool trousers have pretty little flowers embroidered on them. Want a leopard skirt that doesn’t look like everyone else’s leopard skirt? Here you go! Convinced the perfect not-too-casual denim skirt doesn’t exist? Here’s hoping I can prove you wrong. Keen for a wild card option? OKAY!!!!

Top o’ the Morning to Ya

I’ve been eyeing this Rosie Assoulin crop top for what feels like centuries but in actuality is probably only a few months and that’s the power of a really good garment, let me tell you. Conversely, I only just discovered this striped poplin tunic a few minutes ago and it already has a vice grip on my emotional well-being. Funny how that can happen. Funny, also, that I distinctly remember Leandra linking to this top during a conversation about shopping a while back and now it’s 80% off. Too neat! Are your shoulders getting cold just looking at it? Don’t worry, here’s a fantastic cardigan. Ooooh and HERE is that pink sweater from Ganni that broke the internet a few seasons ago except now it’s $138. When in doubt, though, take a gander at what I consider to be the ultimate preppy wrap sweater situation.

So Hard to Choose Between These Shoes

Seriously. I can’t decide. If you were me and you were going to buy a pair of shoes, would you go for… suede ballet flats from The Row and that were once $795 and are now $198??? Quilted loafers from Tod’s in a shade of red that is inducing pangs of jealousy for the lipstick I’m currently wearing? Brown suede over-the-knee boots I would probably wear every day this winter? Impractical but insanely fun party mules? Or black satin sandals with a disco ball heel that scream “New Year’s Eve!!!!!” louder than Meredith Blake after seeing a lizard? I’ll be accepting votes in the comment section.

Coats and Jackets Galore a.k.a. Winter Blankets With Sleeves

I feel pretty tickled at the revelation that coats are basically just blankets with sleeves for human arms. What a concept, truly. And there are so many good ones (blankets with arms, that is) on sale right now. Starting with this very special trench that has a cool drawstring thing happening, followed by a raincoat that dreams are made of (seriously, this sheer blue waterproof fabric looks like it was woven from a literal dream), followed by a cape (!!!!!!) that will convince you of the merit of capes. Oh wait I guess it doesn’t have sleeves but it’s definitely still in the blanket family so can we collectively agree to overlook that? Back to things with sleeves: this quilted jacket with a cute ruffle bib, a striped faux fur jacket worthy of your best going-out look, and a long denim coat born to complete a Canadian tux.

Did you add anything to your cart? Are you eyeing something else entirely? Tell me!

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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