The Outnet Clearance Sale is So Good I Can’t Work

When I fired up my Slack app this morning and checked recent notifications, I saw that Kate was asking for help finding items from The Outnet’s freshly launched clearance sale to create a few ads for I volunteered to head up the search party and quickly found myself eyeballs-deep in so many excellent discounted designer items, I was having heart palpitations about narrowing them down to just three (Kate’s requested number).

After slacking her links to three favorites, I stared at the plethora of tabs open on my computer and decided it would be a waste to close the rest of them when I had expended precious minutes and sweat glands culling the best of the best of The Outnet’s 36 pages of clearance items. Right? Right. Ergo, I am publishing them here instead. Scroll down for my full, carefully honed edit (and beware: everything is selling faster than cronuts).

Stuff that’s perfect for wearing right now a.k.a. SUMMER

Stuff you’ll thank me for telling you to buy as soon as temps drop

I split it up into these two sections because while I’m tempted to ignore the sweaters and pants and close-toe leather shoes for the swimsuits and silk skirts and neon kitten heels (it’s 90 degrees in NYC today), I know I will be grateful for foresight when a September breeze hits my elbows and they’re shielded with the cropped sweater Leandra is wearing in the above feature image for this story, or a sequin-embellished wool cardigan from Marc Jacobs that used to cost $2,100 and now costs $315. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s a whopping 85% off. Ditto for this fringed tweed Maiyet jacket that looks like something Annie Oakley would wear to tea with the Queen of England.

To quench my thirst for immediate satisfaction, though, there are plenty of summertime-apropos gems to be unearthed. I think I am most excited about these turquoise patent-leather Dolce & Gabbana slingbacks that were once $1055 and are now $264, but this cool khaki shirt is giving them a run for their discounted money with its easily digestible price tag of $33 for what is essentially a wearable safari. Hippopotamus optional.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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