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3 MR Team Members on the Joy of Finally Filling a Hole in Their Wardrobes

In partnership with The OUTNET.

You’re likely familiar with the concept of FOMO, or “Fear of Missing Out,” and you might even be acquainted with its sister acronym JOMO, or “Joy of Missing Out,” but I’d be willing to bet you haven’t heard of their second-cousin-once-removed acronym JOFTO, or “Joy of Finding The One”–because I literally made it up a couple weeks ago and this is the first time I’m talking about it publicly. But just because it’s a new acronym doesn’t mean it’s a new concept! On the contrary, the joy of finding the one–otherwise known as the undulating ecstasy of finally plugging a hole that has been gaping in your wardrobe for an extended period of time–is an ancient and primal emotion, dating back to when cave-people started shopping for clothes. Probably.

I may be a bit fuzzy on the exact origin timeline, but I’m crystal clear about one thing: The OUTNET is basically a factory for JOFTO. There have been many occasions in which I searched high and low for a particular thing–the perfect blazer for work, the ideal pair of high-waist denim shorts–and finally happened upon it while scrolling through The OUTNET’s hallowed digital coffers. Ergo, to celebrate not only the coining of a new (and soon-to-be-viral, if I have anything to do with it) phrase, but also a reliable wellspring for experiencing it, I recruited two of my Man Repeller teammates to join me in searching for The One on The OUTNET. Below, read about our respective quests.

Harling, Brand Director

A quest for the perfect pair of non-denim pants.

I reached the point of being over wearing jeans on repeat in early January, and yet found myself wearing my fallback pair the very next day. Though I had other pants I could turn to in this time of sartorial turmoil, none seemed quite right. My khakis made all my sweaters look too dad-ish. My leggings didn’t feel crisp enough for most work days. My one pair of corduroys reminded me too much of what I wore to school every day when I was 17 (a lot of corduroys).

I began fantasizing about the perfect pants that would conceivably illuminate an egress out from the winter style rut I was very clearly experiencing. Ideally, they would be equally suitable for a day of work or a Saturday night festivity. They would be polished but still extremely comfortable. They would be punchy, but not at the expense of versatility. I realized as these criteria entered my head that I might be describing something that doesn’t exist, but what can I say? I’m an optimist.

I knew I’d found The Ones when I stumbled across this pair from Marni on The OUTNET and realized they catalogued an additional criterion that hadn’t initially occurred to me: leg openings conducive to winter boots! A seemingly simple characteristic, but surprisingly hard to find. In addition to their superlative leg openings, they also were printed with a pattern that was both work—and fun—appropriate, not to mention punchy but still versatile. Perhaps most importantly of all, despite their put-together appearance, they have a sneaky elastic waistband, which I can confirm is extremely comfortable around the ol’ digestion storage facility.

The JOY (see what I did there?) of finding them was solidified when I put on the rest of this outfit and then squatted down to lace up my shoes. Have you ever squatted in jeans? A nightmare. Squatting in these Marni pants, however? Dream come true.

Allison, VP of Operations

A quest for the perfect going-out top.

For months, I hunted for the perfect, graceful top that would be suitable for drinks with my girlfriends or a date with my husband, but it proved difficult to find one that didn’t make me look like I was too dressed up, or that I tried too hard. On top of that, I needed this mythical top to be versatile enough to go with any type of pants, as I’ve gone through several pant phases (current phase is high-waisted) but still love and wear them all.

I don’t like the way I look in black, which limits the options even further since there seems to be a high concentration of black going-out tops. I think that’s why this pink one immediately caught my eye. Not only is it the kind of color that makes me feel extra bold, but it’s also a statement in and of itself, thus making the remaining components of outfits easier to style. No fussing is necessary–I can just put it on and go. I also love that it can be worn tucked in or out of pants.

I styled it here with a high-waisted red pair because I think the two colors look elegant together, and let’s face it, they attract attention (I might like a wee bit of that every now and then). I added a white boot to give the outfit a little retro ’60s vibe as the cherry on top.  The overall result made me feel happy and in-charge. I secretly enjoy not looking like everyone else, and this top basically guarantees me that I won’t.

Sabrina, Photographer and Photo Editor

A quest for the perfect work-to-drinks transition dress.

I’ve been looking for a dress that I can wear to work and then out after–maybe to dinner with friends, or some other casual weeknight occasion. For me, an ideal work-to-something-else transition dress is comfortable and easy to layer with. I prefer silhouettes with a clean shape, more on the side of structured than not. I love a shorter hemline and dresses that cinch in at the waist.

I don’t wear a lot of patterns or a lot of dresses (my uniform is very jeans-centric), so the trick was finding a dress that fits into the color scheme of my wardrobe while still making me feel like myself. Though this dress falls a bit outside my typical comfort zone, I was drawn to the subtle maroon color. It almost looks brown in certain lighting, which gives it even more versatility. The other interesting thing about it is the fabric–not only does it thoroughly check the “structured” box, but it also has an interesting croc-effect texture.

My first instinct was to style it with black knee-high boots because it’s winter and I don’t like wearing tights. I’m one of those people who actually finds shoes with a heel easier to move around in, and I appreciate how a slight lift can make me feel more confident. If I wore this dress again, I’d probably style it with my favorite pair of chunky vintage boots and a short-sleeved turtleneck layered underneath–the perfect ensemble for migrating from photo shoot to bar to a solo walk home on the Williamsburg bridge.

Do you have any JOFTO tales up your sleeve? Share them in the comments below.

Photos by Mary Kang.

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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