The Style in ‘The Parent Trap’ Is Even Better Than You Remember

The Style in The Parent Trap

Haley wrote this story in 2017. We’re bringing it back because the startling relevance of the style in ‘The Parent Trap’ (from tiny sunglasses to pajama shorts) is just as jaw-dropping now as it was 12 months ago. 

If you think about it, the 1998 reboot of The Parent Trap is a sartorial tour of the suburban ‘90s. The plot supplies all the right ingredients: 1) an ensemble cast 2) of stereotypes clashing 3) in a wide variety of settings. Penny Rose, the movie’s costume designer, had a delightfully heavy hand in communicating that via clothes. The style in the movie tells the exact same story as the movie itself. It’s so straightforward, so endearing.

ANNIE LITERALLY DRESSES LIKE MADELINE. At one point she is wearing a full suit on a casual Saturday, because, duh, she’s British. Hallie wears pigtail braids and flannels because she lives in California, obviously. It’s all so on-the-nose and better than I remembered. So maybe the story is a little fucked up, but it’s not afraid to be a caricature of itself and that’s fun.

Consider Hallie and Annie’s inaugural Camp Walden looks.

Here we see Annie from London:

No, your eyes do not betray you: That’s a tweed skirt suit (heads up, Pandora Sykes) plus matching headband and cap-toe flats. If this isn’t full-look inspo I don’t know what is. Also, if choreographed handshakes are missing from your life, let this be a wake-up call.

And then Hallie from California:

Is that a pajama short I see? Her denim jacket and sunglasses of the modest-auburn-oval variety are so 2017 I can’t even deal, ‘tude included.

You know I’m partial to a camp look and Walden is full of them. Lots of scrunchies, bandanas and loose cotton:

Heads up, that polo and those yellow headphones will be avail for purchase at Urban Outfitters soon.

Post-camp, when Annie and Hallie go back to each other’s abodes, shit gets extreme:

Is that a powder blue probably-three-piece suit for a Saturday stroll? Why yes it is. As for her mom, it’s beige and cream as far as the eye can see. Menocore before its time?

Let’s contrast against evil-stepmom Meredith:

Red lip, red nails, gold ring, gold earring, white dress, black hat. Not a hair out of place and full makeup because trying was cool and it’s cool again.

The rest of the California style is v ranch and it’s ideal:

Chessy is my style icon. Are those not Kammpants? I basically wore this look yesterday and will wear it tomorrow. (Please note Hallie’s flannel and pigtail braids in foreground because California.)

What to pack for a weekend away: A one-piece and matching scrunchie, plus XXL t-shirt to be worn over.

Back to her London twin for a much-needed nightgown pause:

Why the fuck aren’t all of us wearing nightgowns to bed!!!! We’re idiots.

When the whole family meets at a hotel for the first time, we get a whole lotta look. When’s the last time you wore a blazer and drank a martini?

Too long for me. Please let me know when shoulder pads are cool again and I’ll start coifing my hair accordingly.

And then!

Question #1: Do you take care to match your family when spending time with them? If no that’s a mistake.

Question #2: Do you wear enough beige and cream? Answer is always no, always also a mistake.

Question #3: Are Annie and Hallie not perfectly depicting two opposing style tribes of 2017?

Please analyze the following two photos:

This is Gen-Z yellow in its earliest iteration. Also, Hallie is wearing round wireframe glasses on tortoise shell croakies and it’s affected me on a molecular level.

The full lqqks continue. Annie should prob read this Allure piece by Sable Yong.

EXCUSE ME! Twins are back. You heard it here first. Find your closest friend and oversize Polo oxfords in adjacent shades of millennial pink and start tricking ppl.

^What are we all wearing on the weekend if not this?^

Another two style tribes! Amelia’s on the left, I’m on the right, we hate each other. Please join me at the next photo.

I love a hike look. Knotting superfluous materials around my body under the guise of utility is one of my favorite pastimes. Looks especially good with a bad attitude. If their half-ponies were half-buns we’d be in Brooklyn biz.

Manhattan hike look:

Can be found at Outdoor Voices now, meet u there.

And finally, the cliche 90s matching family that I’m not sure existed IRL but did in spades in catalogs:

Henley’s and button-downs welcome, as long as purchased at Ross for the express purpose of taking an annual holiday-card photo. Pinning that coral buttoned-to-the-top henley to my fall inspiration board.

Am I being dramatic or is this not way better than you remember it? Validate my opinions in the comments.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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