The RealReal Sale Is On — Here’s the Best Stuff for ~Right Now~

The Real Real

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If I haven’t said it enough: I love a shopping challenge. I like the hunt, I like browsing. I really love the satisfaction of finding a one-of-a-kind item that is inexpensive. It makes me feel special! I don’t like overpaying! This is part of why I like The RealReal’s big sale. And if you can believe it, I’m not even a spokesperson.

The things I’m currently looking for are probably not too different from what’s on your list if you’re thinking about shopping at all: I want a few key things that almost qualify as an entire outfit, extra-comfortable lounge-y things, shoes to slide on to go the grocery store (sneakers are dead to me), cute tops because what even is a bottom anymore, and home decor that will make my new world — the apartment I live in — a more pleasant place to be. I’m not going to get all of it, just looking for a little pick-me-up and if you find yourself in the same position, I invite you to follow me down the below wormhole. If you don’t, that is okay! Maybe I can suggest a perusal through our guide to staying home? Maybe?

For those who are coming, andale!

One-and-Done Hero Items

Jumpsuits are the epitome of one-and-done (I love this short-sleeved Doen one), but a flowy day dress can qualify, too, or even a pretty nightgown or printed slip. (Or a set!) They’re comfy but presentable. Down the road, you can be sure I’ll be wearing this shorts jumpsuit to the soonest-available BBQ.

Soft Stuff for Lounging

These days, I want my wardrobe to nudge right up against that line where maybe it’s an article of clothing, maybe it’s a blanket. Consider: a timeless, oversized sweater to address those randomly freezing spring days. A perfect cardigan I’ll wear with a necklace or two. A pair of long knit shorts to pair with a tank, or these mini ones to wear with an oversized shirt, or this colorblock Rosie Assoulin sweater. Some pretty knit tops with details for Zoom calls (to be worn with PJ bottoms, accessorized with an actual blanket). And look at this colorful knit polo! Cozy.

Slip-on Shoes for a Stroll

I don’t have plans to go very far, but when I need to step out to walk the dog, I slip on the easiest shoes I can find—like this pair of straightforward raffia mules or some pretty embroidered ones that remind me of Harling. Or these crazy ones from Rosie Assoulin I’ve been eyeing for years. These Chanel clogs on super-sale make any outfit look cool. These crystal embellished slipper style ones are suitable for making the mundane feel ~fancy~, while I shall wear these classic loafers into the fall. I couldn’t help but include these embroidered Manolos and these Fendi brocade ones because they’re so substantially reduced and so (so!) beautiful. And they are technically slip on.

Shirts and Jackets for Top-Up Dressing

I addressed this a few weeks ago, but I am very much only dressing from the waist up. For my five or so video calls a day, I usually wear a blouse or tank with jacket. Look. What. I. Found—how gorgeous is this ruffle blouse? Nobody will ever know I’m wearing pajama shorts (or perhaps just a pair of cotton underwear) on my bottom half. My apartment gets super hot in the middle of the day, so I often opt for something sleeveless, like this Missoni tank. Another quick option: a lace cami with a pretty tweed jacket; tweed jackets like this one are a staple in my closet. I may have to cop this one from St. Johns—it’s not seasonal, but I absolutely love the style. My favorite, though, is this blazer with white trim for 60% off.

Homeware to Spruce Up Your Place

I am now spending 99.9% of time in my small studio apartment, and let’s just say that its shortcomings are clear. I am in need of a solid chair (LOOK! AT! THIS! EAMES! ONE!) and could really use a side table with some storage that could maybe double as a desk. Also on my list: colorful vases that remind me of the ones Leandra has on her table at home. A frame to hold a photo from a recent vacation. Some bright accent pillows for color. A mirror to make my tiny space feel bigger. A tiered pasty tray to display the bountiful amounts of baked goods I’m making, plus some adorable springy plates off of which I might eat said pastries. A cozy (and insanely cool) spot to sit while by boyfriend makes us cocktails for Friday Happy Hour (join us today at 5 p.m. on @manrepeller!). Now that my apartment is also my favorite restaurant, we might need this adult dining table. Oh, did I mention I don’t have overhead lighting? It gets very dark in my apartment when the sun goes down. Happily this is an easily solved problem—either with the help of this guy ($30) or a funky floor lamp.

Okay, what are you getting? What are you still looking for?

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