Times Square Slideshow: The Faces of the November 8, 2016 Election

Photographer Simon Chetrit went to Times Square in Manhattan last night to capture the election — a galaxy of whirring and worrying. Some excited, some defeated. Tourists and locals alike stood in its heart with their necks strained, chins up toward the teleprompter screens waiting for a final announcement.

The center of the world depends upon where we’re standing — our bubbles, our personal opinions and our surroundings. How dizzying the spin. What we don’t often see are the worlds of others teetering precariously on their own axes. That’s because, as the dancer’s rule of turning ’round and ’round in rapt succession goes, the moment you take your eye off the target straight ahead, you lose your balance.

“The atmosphere started off optimistic, ” said Chetrit, “but turned grim toward the end. That woman on the phone was speaking to her son. She had an accent. When Trump hit 250, she started to cry and said ‘I’m so scared.’ My heart broke with hers.”

Photographed by Simon Chetrit. Follow Simon Chetrit on Instagram @simonzchetrit. Words by Amelia Diamond.

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