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Best april 2019 posts man repeller

Unpacking the modern-day notion of “success” requires more than a few conversations. Literally. As April comes to a rain-soaked close, we may still be ruminating on whether “having it all” remains relevant, but hopefully we’re all a little closer to understanding why success looks and feels so different to everybody. Here are some of the April stories that helped us get there:

The Ones That Opened Our Eyes to the Complexities of Success

A Week in the Life of My Depression
Man Repeller’s Editors Debate the Trap of “Having It All”
The Radical Act of Embracing Your Own Mediocrity
Stay-at-Home Dads Share What It’s Really Like
3 Women on What “Following Your Dreams Really Looks Like”

But we didn’t just talk about success this month — we also planned outfits, learned that removing your carpets is the ultimate power move, and gained a new appreciation for how strongly people feel about our yolky friends. Here are some more posts we loved this month:

The One That Taught Leandra to Re-Evaluate her Essential Oil Game

The Centimeter Rule: Small Things That Make a Big Difference

The One That Introduced an Absurd New Acronym

The New Way to Ghost Is All About Seeming Nice

The One That Made Us Want to Match Track Shorts With Ballet Flats

Team MR on the One Outfit They Truly Nailed

The Ones That Helped Us Get Dressed on the First 70-Degree Day of the Year

Is It Too Early to Talk About the Shirt of the Summer?
How Wellness Is Shaping the Biggest Spring Fashion Trend
What to Wear on the Perfect Date: 4 Ideas

The One That Tried to Answer a Perennial Love Question

Ask MR: Can You Ever Be 100% Confident in Your Relationship?

The One We Couldn’t Wait to Read, Then Share

What Does Being Basic Look Like in 2019?

The One That Introduced Us to a New Hero

I Asked Other Couples to Tell Me About Their Most Absurd Fights

And Finally, the One That Caused the Most Controversy

Unpopular Opinion: Eggs Fucking Suck

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Gyan Yankovich

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