The Totokaelo Sale Is Packed With Super-Soft Loungewear and Good Sneakers

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Earlier this week, Amalie posed a question to the Man Repeller community: What are you spending money on right now? There are over 100 comments and counting under the post, with answers ranging from “Sims 4 Expansion packs and junk food” to “God, so much.” No matter what people are spending money on right now, whether it’s on food and other necessities, or stuff to brighten up the home, or clothes to wear when we can finally go back outside again, there is understandably a great deal of thought being directed at purchasing decisions during this unprecedented situation.

This heightened consideration has edged every conversation about shopping as it pertains to the stories we publish on Man Repeller as well. We’ve been grateful for your feedback in this respect–whether in comment sections, on Twitter, via Instagram DM, or on Thoughtline–about how you’re thinking about shopping at the moment. As per the comment section underneath Amalie’s story, perspectives vary widely, but it’s clear there is an appetite for certain things in particular when it comes to non-essential spending: Loungewear. Comfortable dresses. Shoes to appropriate for wearing at home or on socially-distant walks. T-shirts.

Our Market Strategist, Elizabeth, keeps a close eye on sales and flagged that Totokaelo is currently having a real humdinger, so she combed through it to find the best pieces in these specific categories. Scroll down to see the goods if you’re on the hunt, or even just to window-shop. (And let us know in the comments if you’d like more stories in this vein, or if there’s anything else that would be especially helpful.) —The Writers

Bottoms for Lounging

My standard for purchasing a loungewear item right now is that it has to be something I will still wear regularly post-quarantine, so that’s the lens through which I parsed through Totokaelo’s discounted selection. I really like these flowy airy printed pants, and these elastic-waist paisley ones, both of which would look great with a tank right now and a swim top down the line. Speaking of paisley–these VELVET paisley pants are the most luxurious. Or these, which are literally called “whoosh” pants–am I the only one who wants pants called “whoosh” pants??

I’d also love a simple, deep red pair to match my nightly glass of wine. These black ones look especially versatile, but I’m also really into the idea of a comfortable airy midi skirt. Ribbed pants are my weak spot, especially on such heavy sale. Oh, and these “evening track pants” fully sold me with their knit material. I highly recommend checking out this pair of incredibly cool shiny shorts, or these ones that I like to call the “diaper” style (with utmost affection). I love these rust color ones which I’d wear with a matching rust top and be a … #stickofrust? Finally, a moment of appreciation for this elastic-waist sarong.

Easy Peasy Breezy Dresses

Edith has sufficiently established the upside of having a reliable nightgown-adjacent dress for Zoom calls et. al., and Totokaelo has a bunch on sale. This pretty ruffle white shirt dress, which I could see myself napping in but also conversing with colleagues in. Ditto for this glorious printed one from Ganni, and this flowy tunic with sleeves I would roll up while leaving the bottom buttons loose. This knit one which will be so cozy right now, but also great for chilly summer nights all the way into fall. I would wear this sapphire blue slip dress on a socially distant date with a bunch of jewels. My tie-dye craving has finally been sated with this asymmetrical number, and I’m p sure this or this would facilitate many a fancy couch sit.

Shoes to Take You Places (Even If It’s Just Your Kitchen)

These sneakers have mastered the art of combining form and function, equally suited to running or outfit-making.  These black ones check both boxes, too. I own and wear these Reeboks a lot, and am also a big fan of this classic pair. Classic Chuck Taylors signify the true start of warm weather season to me. As does raffia.

If you’re like me and interested in scoping out home-appropriate footwear that you can eventually wear out and about, consider these sandals with a pair of socks, or this snazzy floral appliqué style on sale from Rachel Comey. I’m looking forward to the day when I’ll have an opportunity to wear wrap sandals like these, but for now, an ATP slipper slide for over half-off the original price is scratching every itch. I must also acknowledge the magnificence of these insane gingham oxfords.

Ts! Just Ts!

I am unusually energized by the T-shirt world right now, perhaps because that’s what I’m wearing on top 99% of the time. My recipe for the best tee is: softness, cut, and a hint of individuality. On that note, this mock neck one with long-ish sleeves is so chic (even more so styled with a patterned bra). This contrast stitch one seems like the perfect oversized everyday one (sans bra, in my case). It also comes in a fitted version. I also like this one with words on it, and this tie-dye number to wear with sweats now and denim cutoffs later. I love this simple, fitted black tee from Acne Studios, and this fancy cinched one from Raquel Allegra. I also polled my Instagram last night to find out what the perfect tee is, and several people said this one from Jeanerica, which I also love in olive green. I can’t ignore this psychedelic turtleneck, or this argyle long sleever. And if I’m going to address turtlenecks and long sleeves, I can’t help include a few tanks. I think this ribbed one or this classic one would be great staples, though this Laura Manoogian chunky knit side slit tank is the one I actually bought for myself. Was tempted by this Rachel Comey creamsicle one too, though.

Meet me in the comments for further discussion about what you’re interested in when it comes to shopping recommendations right now.

Feature photos via Totokaelo.

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