Before It’s Too Late: 3 Unexpected Holiday Party Looks

Have we over-indexed on holiday party outfit recommendations? My sense is that you can never have too many, particularly because around these parts, holiday party outfit recommendations are essentially everyday outfit recommendations. Fine! Maybe not every day. But certainly every weekend. I, for one, like to put on pearl earrings and pair them with a headband (one of the Carrie Bradshaw-on-her-30th-birthday variety) while I sit on my couch in camp socks, eating yogurt, watching Father of The Bride Part 2.

Also, though, once vacation ends and we enter the true dead of winter, we’re going to need red turtlenecks and velvet hair ribbons and feather accents and shiny-ass earrings and a wrist that could be mistaken for the accouterments of a Christmas tree. I just know it. But we’re not there yet; on the contrary, we’re still in the thick of party season and in the event you’re sick of the most unoriginal and frequent outfit recommendation (see: the little black dress), here are three unexpected holiday party looks to try for yourself, or as I like to call them, three outfits I would wear if I were not pregnant-as-fuq.

For When You Want to Wear Pajamas to the Party

Have you ever considered layering your nightgown (I recommend linen over silk because of the static factor) over a turtleneck? In this look, I marry a printed Sleeper dress to a striped J.Crew turtleneck and ask one Maison Michel flat top hat with a pearl chain for a chin strap (!) to officiate the ceremony. There are sparkly socks to accommodate your holiday cheer, and while the pictured shoes are Manolo Blahnik, the footwear offerings of satin and green are vast. I trust you to make your own decision on that front.

For When You Want to Wear Your Jeans to the Party

I maintain that layering a peasant or Victorian-style blouse over a long sleeve white t-shirt and tucking both into a pair of white high waist jeans is an incredibly easy canvas to play with. Missing ingredients? Crystal-embellished sandals (yes, your toes will be cold, yes, it will be worth it — and in case you’re wondering, the photographed sandals are now 60% off on Net-a-Porter), dramatic earrings to catch the bows on your feet and a headband that adds at least two inches to your height.

For When You Just Can’t Get Out of Your Leggings

No sweat, my pet! They don’t call it athleisure and I don’t call it blathleisure (black tie athleisure) for nothing! Keep your leggings on. Have a field day with them. In fact, if you’re wearing a matching bra, keep that on too; I’m just going to ask that you style it over a button-down shirt (a silk or striped or plaid or leopard print one is fine if you’re not nuts about feathers) instead of under one. The real pièce de résistance here is three-fold: wacky boots (also 60% off!), a matching hair ribbon and those Christmas-tree accouterment wrists I’d mentioned earlier.

Now, are you thinking what I’m thinking? That the real magic of a great outfit is not so much in the actual clothes (though they’re great, don’t get me wrong) as it is in the way you wear them? Yes. Sure. Confidence and gumption are great, but more superficially, me thinks it’s time we (MR) make accessories — the true soul of any great outfit.

Photos by Edith Young. Modeled by Alisha Bansal

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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