I Can’t Be The Only One: Using Instagram to Get Dressed

It takes getting to the last third of the summer to find yourself running on empty where inspiration is concerned. September magazine issues have started to drop and they’re telling you to buy white socks and new trench coats even though you already bought one last year per the recommendation from the very same magazine you’re reading, but it’s also hotter than it’s been all summer. You walk outside and feel like Alex Mack in that if you stand still for too long, you will probably melt to liquid. And you want to look cool, really! But you’re out of ideas. No one cares that you’re in the final stretch with nowhere to look, nothing to pin, no photos to regram — or are you?

I don’t know if this is the case for anyone else up in this club, but I’ve been using Instagram as an inspiration board/virtual closet/bank of clothing ideas for as long as daylight has been using me as a mule to get shit done. Allow me to explain by demonstration with a week of outfit suggestions culled from some of my favorite accounts.


(via @pernillesteisbaek)

Take: The white shirt with rolled up sleeves, the jean (yes, jean) mini skirt, the slides.

Leave: All the accessories so that…

Add: You can add your own!


(via @tamumcpherson)

Take: The slip dress, the jeans, the t-shirt.

Leave: The high heel sandals, the clutch.

Add: Your own flat sandals, a basket bag, sunglasses.


(via @lisafolawiyo)

Take: The ballet flats, the shirt dress.

Leave: The labels (shoes don’t have to be Miu Miu), the colors (shirt dress doesn’t have to be white), the handbag.

Add: Flair! And some ribbons to your flats, a headscarf if you’re feeling frisky.


(via @bat_gio)

Take: The statement coat (but call it a robe), the counter print top, the skinny jeans, the white-on-foot, the grin.

Leave: The shoe silhouette, the actual coat, the silver bag.

Add: Your own top knot, a pair of white shoes of your choosing (or mine, whatever!) and maybe you want a pair of sunglasses, I don’t know.


(via @lizzyvdlight)

Take: The banana leafs, that expression of divine relaxation, the fruit print, the Moroccan mirrors.

Leave: The earrings, the bracelets.

Add: Flat espadrilles (wear them on the backs if you want, I’ll be matching you), more festive earrings (hey, it’s Endless Summer, right?), the beach.

Feature photographs via @lizzyvdlight and @tamumcpherson; carousel photographs via @pernillesteisbaek and via @bat_gio.


Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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