The Holidays Have Started, So, Should I Buy This?

On Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 1:51 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I want these sososososo badly. Ideally in emerald green! I also realize I only send you links to shoes, pretty much, huh?

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 11:03 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

GET THEM. Get them! I feel like everything should have rhinestones, sequins, glitter and paillettes from now until like, February. Especially shoes.

My mouse is hovering over this

But I can’t tell if that’s dumb because it’s $$$. My brain is just in holiday mode. I can’t help but look at everything as though it’s a potential gift (for someone else or for me).

Like this gold hibiscus clip!

(Probably on my brain because you said you wanted that gold cactus one earlier in the week.)

Or like, how ~*chique*~ would an ivory leather JEWERY BOX be? Who can buy that for me? You can’t buy that shit for yourself.

…I might get this bra top for myself. It’s under $50 and so pretty.

We have to talk about the MR gift guide, huh? AND LOOK AT THIS COOL ELEPHANT.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 12:15 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Sometimes I am so bummed that I don’t celebrate Christmas because that ornament is the bomb! I want to wear it around my neck. Do you think I can wear it around my neck?

If I were buying you a holiday gift, I’d get you this.

If I were buying me a holiday gift, I’d get this.

And yes! We do need to talk about the MR Gift Guide. We have six “rooms” to fill. What should our categories look like? Indulgent self-care products, jewelry (look at this coral necklace), shoes and bags, clothes? Electronics?

I’d love to see some extravagant jewelry, the kind that almost feels like candy.

Like this!

Or this!

And I very much do not need these, but they’re the only thing getting me excited right now.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 12:52 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Leandra, I actually love that unicorn ring more than anything in the whole wide world that is of purchasable, material value without a heartbeat (so like not an actual unicorn). It’s like you know me or something.

And that tinsel dress is perfect. You can wear it with that ornament around your neck, yes.

Ooh, this is going to be fun. Into all of those things. Important category to add: miscellaneous random fun shit! Like these Saint Laurent roller skates. Although watch me go right now and find the vintage-authentic-by-way-of-eBay equivalent.

What room would you put a pair of Undercover oversize cuffs in? They come in red and white.

This Topshop diamante-covered blazer feels really important.

This giant Oscar de la Renta neck bow 100% is, though.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 1:11 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I don’t get those Undercover cuffs at all. What are they?

I also don’t feel inspired or enthused by very much at all right now. Should I blame Trump?

Topshop blazer is fine, and that neck bow rules, but I probably wouldn’t put either in a gift guide.

I might include this?

And this. (Note the theme.)

Would definitely ask someone to get me these. (And they’re practically on sale!)

Meanwhile, here’s a great pair of white jeans.

Which I would choose to wear with this.

And to bring this way back around, I do still want these from three e-mails ago.

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 3:41 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Those Undercover cuffs are just random fun shit that you clip to your wrists like the high-fashion equivalent of when Jason Bigg’s mom buys him those jeans that are connected to fake boxers in American Pie, obviously.

Don’t bring politics into this safe space! You just have pre-holiday Grinch syndrome, although it might be election related. Let’s get you out of it.

Okay. I very much love those Brock jeans, a LOT, but for anyone who doesn’t want to spend that much on jeans, J.Crew has my new favorite (and pretty similar) cut.

I told you to get those shoes. In emerald green like an Oompa Loompa’s hair. That Ashish shirt is very Liberace chic and I couldn’t love the packaging of that hand cream more!

What about…

This flamingo pin?

This dreamy Thom Browne Fair Isle knit? (Here’s a cheaper one; not Thom Browne but very good. And yeah, you could probably just look at L.L.Bean. That’s where mine are from.)

From that same brand that made the cream you sent, Buly 1803, all of these combs would make amazing gifts.

I would buy this shaving kit just to live in my bathroom even if no one ever used it.

And this coffee table book for my imaginary coffee table.

When it comes to beauty, I always think that getting someone new, beautiful brushes is the nicest gift (especially if you don’t know what shade of X they need)…

What about this pink faux-fur stole? …Anything? Even a sneeze?

Or are you just like zzzzzzzzzz?

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 4:10 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

You find good stuff! I might just be product fatigued. But I do like the idea of wearing that all-white outfit with the flat drug mules. I could just wear my own, though, duh.

Maybe what I need is some super-futile shit. Like this belt for my white jeans.

And these hoops, for my white ears.

A clutch I will definitely never wear, but will smile every time I see.

Or maybe I need to take better care of myself. Submerge in the plunge bath that is Goop and buy expensive face towels and like, this candle.

Did I already say that?

Also wouldn’t mind this face vase.

I feel like we should come out and address how fucking exhausted we both are from looking at STUFF because we’ve been pulling shit together for our gift guide all week, not to mention unscheduling and rewriting stories like new millennium type writers. What would you buy if you could treat yourself? Do you even want to buy anything? I feel like I could really use a massage, but that’s about it.

Or, yeah, totally, a men’s Thom Browne sweater?

To wear over this dress.

With perhaps satin pumpz.

Or better yet crystal mules.

Hey! Did you ever find a pair of boots?

On Tue, Nov 15, 2016 at 4:48 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

That Valentino belt is so beautiful. Isn’t it dumb how beautiful a BELT can be?

I’m really into that whole outfit you put together. And yeah, we’re just product fatigued. We are everything fatigued. We need Thanksgiving break for a reason!

I really have not found the boots yet. I like these because they’re strange, but they are not The Ones.

Currently, I just want party shoes. Like these peachy pink velvet ones to wear with party socks. Or these ones that…this is probably not nice to say, but can get ruined?

Oh! Or look at these Chloé wedges on sale!

And I really want a desk globe. I don’t think this is the one, but it’s an option.

Y/N, very important, should I wrap my entire torso with this green bow?

On Wed, Nov 16, 2016 at 12:02 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Definitely yes to the bow crop top. Get it a little big so that you can wear it with a sweater underneath. And those Chloé wedges on sale!!!! With metallic socks! You have a good three months to keep wearing those. You are really murdering the dance floor with your picks this morning.

Please do not get a desk globe because I know that shit will end up on my desk like all your sorry ass creams and perfumes.

Meanwhile, I bet this is going on sale.

I feel the same way about this sweater, which I’d love.

To wear with insane pants, like these.

JK, too expensive, big jeans will do.

And hey! What about these as boots for you? They are a classic silhouette, but still turned ^up^ because a) leopard, b) gold.

This also seems like a really practical coat that one of us should get?

To wear with white cat-eye sunglasses.

On Wed, Nov 17, 2016 at 1:04 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

I love the idea of wearing that bow top with a sweater under, done. Speaking of bows

THOSE MARY K PANTS. But also what great jeans. You go, Alexander Wang. (Also $122 is a bargain for designer jeans not to sound like a coupon mom!)

Also, you may have found the boots. We need to have a whole other convo about the kinds of pants to wear them with. Another day.

Bought the desk globe already hehe whoops weird. PS: how do you always find such good sunglasses from random places?

So many questions, so little time, like, are you supposed to sleep in this or go out in this?

If I buy this black-and-white varsity cardigan, will I actually wear it?



Wtf will they think of next?

And finally, this is really random: I think this might be the perfect under-sweaters bra. I’m going to stock up and wear them all winter.

A-Town, out. I solemnly swear to never call myself that ever again.

Want to keep shopping? The Outnet’s still having that crazy sale. Or try to approximate Felicty Sargents’ innovative outfits (you’ll see what I mean by innovative). 

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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