The Perfect Swimsuit and Other Stuff Team Man Repeller Buys in Bulk

Two summers ago, I purchased a pink scalloped high-waist bikini from the swimwear brand Marysia. The brand was relatively new at the time and riding a definitive trend wave I couldn’t resist. I expected to love the bikini. I didn’t expect to love it so much it raised my standards for how I wanted a swimsuit to make me look and feel forevermore. But that’s exactly what happened. Everything about it was perfect, from the aesthetic (who doesn’t love a scallop?) to the material (it was pleasantly thick and scooped me up in a way that felt uniquely flattering, as far as two-piece swimsuits go).

When the following summer rolled around, I found myself entertaining the prospect of purchasing an additional scalloped high-waist bikini from Marysia, albeit in a different color. I was conflicted. On the one hand I already owned the swimsuit (in pink), and it was not inexpensive; on the other, it was by far the best bikini I’d ever owned and already looking a little worse for wear given how many times I had dunked it in the ocean.

I ended up taking the plunge (pun fully intended) and am now the proud owner of two of the same bikini, one pink and the other brown. The desire to purchase multiple versions of the exact same thing, whether in different colors or not, is a pretty great barometer for how much you love it, isn’t it? I was curious what objects or articles of clothing have elicited a similar response from other people, so asked Team Man Repeller. Scroll below to read what they said, but be forewarned: You’ll be tempted to stock up.

Rapha Merino Breton

Who owns this in multiples? Nikki, Director of Ad Operations and Product

Why do you love it? I love it because I can wear it while cycling and the wool dries quickly and doesn’t smell. I wear it to work, when I go out, when I travel, when I hike — I’ve even worked it into a formal-ish setting by tying it over my shoulders to keep myself warm while wearing a dress. Some of the sweaters are thinner than others so I can wear them in late spring and early fall. It’s the best basic sweater.

What other version do you WISH it came in? I wish there was a v-neck version!

Natori Feathers Contour-Plunge Bra

Who owns this in multiples? Patty, Head of Partnerships

Why do you love it? It’s a super supportive bra but it doesn’t look like a super supportive bra. I love the plunge. One word of warning: The lace in the middle took me a little while to get used to, but now we get along very well. I have it in black (many), caramel and rose.

What other version do you WISH it came in? I would like one in every color of Edith Young’s palette of Tonya Harding’s figure skating costumes.

Hanes x Karla “the Crew”

Who owns this in multiples? Amelia, Head of Creative

Why do you love it? I needed to buy it in multiples because from the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it was The One, which is a weird thing to say about a white tee because who cares, but when you’ve been looking forever, as I had been, it was as though the clouds opened up and a chorus of angels sang, “TA-DA!” Since it’s white, and because it seems limited edition-y, I stocked up to prepare myself against all sorts of stains and too many washing machines. I have about ten now!

What other version do you WISH it came in? Navy might be nice? But 99% of its appeal is that it’s the quintessential “white tee.”

Uniqlo Supima Cotton Ribbed Crewneck Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Who owns this in multiples? Louisiana, Visuals Coordinator

Why do you love it? They’re the perfect material (not too clingy, not too loose) for a ribbed T-shirt and they go with everything!

What other version do you WISH it came in? Baby blue!!! I’m praying hard for this to happen.

Glossier Haloscope

Who owns this in multiples? Imani, Editorial Intern

Why do you love it? Haloscope’s dewy formula really drew me in; most highlighters, especially powder ones, require a lot of blending, yet still awkwardly sit on top of the skin. I started with the “Quartz,” which offers a pearlescent glow by way of actual crystals and an oil core. The application process was flawless and I became obsessed with how it made my face look at different angles (a.k.a. it really elevated my selfie game). When I added “Topaz” and “Moonstone” to my beauty arsenal, I learned that having highlighters in a spectrum of glows (bronzy, pearlescent, cool iridescent) really amplifies whatever look I’m going for. For example, if I’m pulling a clean street-style look, I want my makeup to look very sleek, so I’ll put on “Moonstone.” But if I’m wearing something ruffly and voluminous, I’ll go with “Topaz” because it feels more sultry and romantic.

What other version do you WISH it came in? It’s really difficult to imagine another shade of Haloscope, but finding a hue between “Topaz” and “Quartz” could be nice — I’m imagining something mauve-y.

Levi’s 501 Skinny Jeans

Who owns this in multiples? Ashley, Social Media Editor

Why do you love it? It’s a near perfect jean. I love a high-waist jean that doesn’t feel restricting in any way. They’re form-fitting but not tight and they hit at a good just-above-the-shoe height. I’m a tall person so getting fit and length right is something I rarely find in the wild.

What other version do you WISH it came in? I’d love to see the same cut in corduroy.

& Other Stories High Neck Sweater

Who owns this in multiples? Haley, Digital Editor

Why do you love it? It’s perfectly oversized while still maintaining its structure, which is one of my favorite qualities in a garment. I like things to fall away from my body but not flow, you know? The turtleneck is also delightfully big without being a cowl (I’m anti-cowl I’m sorry!!!!) so I can comfortably tuck my hair into it. I loved it so much in the dressing room that I immediately went out to buy it in every color. Unfortunately it only came in two: light gray and black, but I was fine with that. I wear the gray one more (it’s a perfect balance to black pants and white sneakers), but love that I have two. I’ve had them for two years and they’re still going strong.

What other version do you WISH it came in? All the other neutrals: dark gray, cream, beige, navy.

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Who owns this in multiples? Jasmin, Senior Partnerships Strategist

Why do you love it?  I have very oily hair, like fry-an-egg-on-it-after-two-days kind of hair, and this is the only thing I’ve used that can keep it at bay without making it look white and powder-y. I couldn’t always find the version I like best (the one with the green lid — very important) so I now order in bulk on Amazon to make sure I’m always covered.

What other version do you WISH it came in? Travel/handbag size.

J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck

Who owns this in multiples? Edith, Photographer and Photo Editor

Why do you love it? A true cornucopia of reasons: 1) affordability (warning: it does stretch out over time, but, especially when on sale, it’s inexpensive enough to replace); 2) it’s thin and feels like a t-shirt, but makes it look like I put Hepburnian effort into an outfit; 3) the layering opportunity it creates for wearing all my summer dresses in the winter; 4) the fact that it does come in lots of colors makes you feel silly not to buy it in multiples (I have one in white, black, navy and lavender); and 5) can go high or low: pairs well with Carhartt overalls but also sweaters by The Row.

What other version do you WISH it came in? I think it has been made in every color at some point since the turtleneck’s release in 2007, though I wish I had acquired it in light pink and sea glass. P.S. I still feel tremendous remorse when I put on my favorite shirt (a nautical swiss-dot blouse by Trademark) and rue the day I didn’t buy three in blue and three in red.

Clarks Pravana Claire Slingback

Who owns this in multiples? Starling, Social Media Intern

Why do you love it?  Although I have begun to dip my toe into the world of everyday sneakers and loafers, I am usually a heels woman through and through. As a lover of 1950’s dresses, I’ve found it difficult to find vintage heels that match that don’t kill my toes — that is, until I found these babies. Clarks was the last place I was expecting to discover the answer, but what can I say? They’re cute as heck, have a vintage feel and have never given me a single blister. They have become such an integrated staple in my wardrobe that I bought them in a half a size up just in case my feet keep growing (I’m 23 years old so I don’t know where this fear came from???) or I want to wear them with thicker tights or the other ones just get worn out. I’m edging on the idea of buying them in black too but the soft pink just goes with all my outfits better.

What other version do you WISH it came in? Cream! About 80% of my wardrobe is cream these days since I read The Secret History by Donna Tartt and there was a line about how two twins who dressed in white always looked like they had been transported from a vintage tea party and decided that was how I wanted to look.

Outdoor Voices 3/4 Warmup Leggings

Who owns this in multiples? Elizabeth, Market Assistant

Why do you love them?  Outdoor Voices leggings strike the unique balance of being breathable but still thick enough to keep my legs warm during the cold weather.

What other version do you WISH it came in? UH, rainbow? I could pair them with my rainbow cardigan and really look like I mean business.

Boden Men’s Linen Cotton Shirt

Who owns this in multiples? Also Elizabeth

Why do you love it? They’re SO soft, and they get even softer the more you wash them. Also since they’re men’s, I can share them with my boyfriend.

What other version do you WISH it came in? Tartan

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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