Everything Harling and Haley Want to Buy This Spring

On Mar 14, 2018 at 10:17 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

HELLO and welcome to our inaugural Should I Buy This, brought to you by Leandra’s maternity leave!

I’m so excited to dive in because earlier today, you asked me what my summer 2018 look was going to be, and naturally I’ve been thinking about the answer ever since. Is 12 hours of contemplation enough time to concoct the foundations for my entire warm-weather identity?? TBD. For now, I’ve decided I may just wear a rotation of white cotton dresses, like this Staud one with great sleeves, or this Free People one that’s $43, or this Theory one, which would look cool layered over a long-sleeve T-shirt while it’s still chilly.

Speaking of, I have two long-sleeved striped T-shirts from J.Crew that I’ve worn to a crisp, so I’m in the market for some new ones. Maybe this pink and white one from Kule, or should I do blue and red? They’re a little more expensive than I’d usually spend on a T-shirt, but I love how unique the colors are, and I wear striped T-shirts at least twice a week, so I think the cost-per-wear calculations would work out in my favor.

Same goes for this Lonely bra I’ve been considering for a while. I have a different one from Lonely in black and I literally wear it every day. It’s so simple and pretty, and putting it on always feels like an easy trick for starting the morning off right, which is why I’m starting to itch for a white version to round out my options. I’ve only just started to think about the aesthetic of a nice bra (I wore the same five beige ones from T.J.Maxx for nearly a decade) because I like how they look peeping out through slightly sheer tops. I also like this one and this one. On the more affordable side of the spectrum, I have a white lace bralette from Aerie that I wear a lot, and it’s currently on sale for $13.77. Should I buy a laundry day backup??

On Mar 19, 2018 at 4:41 PM, Haley Nahman wrote:


Really excited about your spring/summer look. I miss your shins. That Staud dress reminds me of the one you gave me last summer that people still ask me about on Instagram. You should get it for likes alone. Jk. (No I’m not.) NEway these dresses are great, except the Free People one is almost too 1950s? At first I thought it had a bubble hem and I freaked. Now that I see it doesn’t, I support you fully but need you to be careful.

Wow Kule is such a DREAM!!!! Look at this stiff turtle!!! It would never sag around my gullet. I like the blue and red one for you better than pink and white, for the record. I’m so sick of pink. Also, was about to say I love this Kule polo so much but then realized it’s the exact one Leandra wore on her IG the other day. RATS. I’ve been influenced. But maybe it’s for the best since I literally can’t afford anything on there. That said, I love an ’80s tennis dad aesthetic and would like to incorporate it as soon as the sun comes back. I blame Tory Sport.

If you actually wear your black Lonely every day, you should get another. I keep trying to get into “nice” lingerie but end up wearing cotton training bras from Gap most days. They are so much comfier than fancy stuff! That said, I did just get this yellow bra and underwear set from Madewell, so we’ll see how that goes. Excited to look like a bottle of mustard.


I will be wearing structured (but not denim) high-waist shorts like these shorturoys from Cords Co. (which I love so much I sent them an email begging them to make them in every color) with airy, menocore-esque tunics (like this or this or this!! But, you know, not a thousand dollars — just giving you the idea) over them. What do you think? My shorts would peek out a bit, ideally.

Also considering nightgowns and sneakers a la my favorite pic. Taking nightgown recs.

But more importantly, how can I work these MSGM shorts into the above??? Can’t get the ’80s tennis dad aesthetic out of my head…

On Mar 21, 2018 at 8:58 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

I looooOOOOve that summer look for you. But what shoes would you wear with it? I know you’re not really a ballet flats person, but you should totally consider ballet flats. I like these and these, which actually aren’t so much a ballet flat as they are a slipper. If you’re going to dig in your heels, though (pun intended) and deny me the pleasure of seeing your toes encased in this particular variety of footwear, might I suggest a fun sandal? I’m thinking less “strappy” and more “chunky,” like…THIS. I’m not crazy about the MSGM shorts though. We should both get these instead and channel golfers instead of tennis players.

As for nightgowns and sneakers, you know I’m 100% on board with this look and, in fact, dying to style you in it for a story. Or should we do it together like we did for colored tights? I think that’s a better idea considering I’m already planning my outfit: this night gown plus these sneakers, and these earrings for good measure. Side note: Are nightgowns just white caftans?

My sleepwear search led me down a rabbit hole that resulted in a craving for this cotton top and these cotton shorts that I will henceforth refer to as bloomers because don’t they look befitting of a royal baby? Or a grown-ass adult woman in pursuit of a summertime toddler aesthetic.

Speaking of which, what swimsuits are you eyeing currently? I can’t decide if I could pull off this leopard one-piece. I’m tempted to purchase yet another Marysia high-waist bikini even though I already own two because they are THAT GREAT. I can’t decide between sea foam or cloud pink

On Mar 25, 2018 at 6:25 PM, Haley Nahman wrote:

Dear Fashion Editor,

I’m sorry but I’m still scarred from wearing ballet flats for four straight years in college and refuse to board this train. I’m not ready to go back!!! I do love those white Mary Janes though. They remind me of a pair I saw at Madewell recently…which I just looked for and couldn’t find. But I did find that jumpsuit we saw in the Catskills the other weekend and wouldn’t shut up about. I know jumpsuits are feeling tired, but they’re still so undeniably appealing…

For shoes, I was more thinking platform brogues like these or two-inch heels like these. I still love a two-inch heel, even though they aren’t “surprising” anymore.

I am a FIRM NO on those Bermuda golfer shorts btw. I cannot with those, Harling. Would maybe wear these though. Are you still into paper bag shorts? I like them theoretically but never appreciate how much they call for a dainty tucked-in shirt.

Yes to shooting nightgowns and sneakers a la tights! Love this look you’ve put together, F.E. As for me, I’m dreaming of these short-sleeved Sleeper dresses. Would like to wear with these platform sneaks. Guess I’m firmly into platforms now, ~three years after everyone else.

Those white eyelet sets! They remind me of this top and these shorts, which someone recently emailed me about! I’m less frilly than you, as a rule, but I do appreciate these baby-on-her-birthday looks and support them for both of us.

I love that J.Crew bathing suit for you! Of course you can pull it off. I also like this for either of us. I’m on a gingham tip. Would also take this skirt or this top. Or how about gingham pajamas from Sleepy Jones!! A gingham turtleneck??? Would wear with trousers of any kind, since I’ve decided I love trousers and hate vintage Levi’s and wide-leg pants, which are literally all I have. 🙁

On Mar 25, 2018 at 8:12 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

You know I like to be addressed as ESTEEMED Fashion Editor, thank you very much.

I like that jumpsuit. I think I’d like anything rendered in a color called “dawn mist.” I like the brogues even more. I’m not a fan of the heeled loafers but only because I’m kind of tired of block heels and much more interested in those of the kitten variety. Who decided kitten heels should be called kitten heels and not puppy heels? Rhetorical question don’t bother answering but please do bother telling me what you think of these kitten slingbacks?

I really appreciate how those Lykke Wullf twinsets are paired with cowboy boots. Adult baby cowboy is a great spring look I can 100% get behind. When do you think we’ll get tired of cowboy boots, though? It’s gonna happen soon given how oversaturated the market and subsequently our eyeballs have become, huh? You know what I’m NOT sick of? Pearls! I’m obsessed with these little baroque pearls strung on ropes from Lizzie Fortunato. I want to wear three of them simultaneously. I also enjoy sleuthing more affordable options on Amazon, like this necklace you could wear long and loose with a caftan like this or wrapped twice around your neck with a fun T-shirt and soft high-waist underwear like these.

That Maison Cleo top is a dream. I bought one of their blouses in black velvet this winter and I am very keen on acquiring a cotton version for the summer. I love how loose and forgiving all their stuff is. I’ve been going through an annoying period of feeling overly self-conscious about my body, so I’m particularly grateful for clothes that make me feel happy to be in my skin at the moment, and I’ve been on the lookout for easy spring dresses that will do just that. I like this one from Mango and how pretty is this one from Mes Demoiselles??!! This one from Réalisation Par is nice, too. All three would pair quite well with these Kanel barrettes I’ve been eyeing ever since Amelia wore one in her hair last week.

On Mar 25, 2018 at 9:39 PM, Haley Nahman wrote:

THOSE BARRETTES! Yes pls. Your barrettes have been so good lately it brings a small and jovial tear to my eye.

Could picture all those dresses on you the moment I saw them but love the flower caftan the very most. Even I want to wear it, which is saying a lot (you know I’m not the drapey type). Also I envy your enthusiasm for the mid-calf-length dress. I’m not a huge fan of that length on myself, and it just so happens to be the length of 90% of dresses. Wish everything were an awkward tea length. Be honest: Would I look like a house elf if I wore this? No spoilers on which answer I’m looking for. Also should we take a twin pic in this???

Back to trousers because I’m selfish. How do you feel about these ones or these ones? Also in case you forgot I liked gingham, I plan to wear this with this to your adult baby cowboy birthday party.

Also, this is boring but I really need a new wallet/cardholder/small pouch. This isn’t worth it, right?

On Mar 26, 2018 at 10:18 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

Hard no to the apron dress, YES PLEASE to the Rejina Pyo. I’ve loved those puffed sleeves since the moment I laid eyes on them last season. Ready for my twin pic whenever. Can we wear these sunglasses with it? Or these??

You need to get that first pair of Pixie Market pants plus the blouse (you can probably get a sense of my feelings re: puffed sleeves based on what I’m green-lighting so far in this email). Skip the bag, though, because I want you to have this fish purse instead. It would look so nice inside your claws/paws. If you’re not into sea creatures, though, I get it. How about a cool toiletry kit that doubles as a clutch?

Isn’t it funny how getting a new wallet used to be the most exciting thing in the world when you were in middle school but now they feel kind of archaic? Like pennies? I use a cardholder right now but I’m considering switching to tiny sacks, Jack-and-the-Beanstalk style. Let’s both get one and carry them around on our pinkies all spring.

Speaking of non-sequiturs! Can we talk about belts for a sec? This one is quite practical, but I can’t stop thinking about this PVC one from Tibi, and if you give a mouse a PVC belt, you’ve got to give her some PVC slides to go along with it, which brings me to THESE DREAMY ONES. Don’t they look like the slides Carrie Bradshaw would wear in 2018 if she quit bragging about always wearing heels and got with the comfort program?? Maybe that’s my spring lewk, in which case I’ll also need this dress, these shorts and this top.

On Mar 27, 2018 at 11:27 AM, Haley Nahman wrote:

I gasped at that Mango blouse, reminds me of Maison Cleo. I still dream about the AGNES blouse even though everyone has it. I too love a puffed sleeve. 😪

I’m pro-PVC! I love that PVC belt but you’d probably get more use out of the plain black one. I have an old basic belt that I wear all the time. It’s very low-key ’80s to wear something high-waisted with a simple black belt, don’t you think? Also that Loup Charmant dress is my fave white dress for you that you’ve linked so far, and I will take the fish purse. Would bring to a beach with pleasure.

Speaking of the beach, I feel like I need to address the fact that I only have two pairs of sandals and they both render me nearly immobile. These look comfy, no?? Maybe too gold though. I’d rather wear knit joggers all summer like these but those probably don’t breathe. I still want them…also is it just me or is everything rainbow right now? I can’t swing a cat on the internet without hitting a rainbow slide.




^ 3 ways to walk on a rainbow ^

I’m not a huge fan of slides though. I like them in theory but they never feel like “enough” with an outfit for me. I like them better with a small heel like these!!! I know you’re over block heels but they are truly the heel of the people. Kittens are harder to walk in, admit it.

Okay I need to get back to work, but I leave you with the final spring look of my money-is-free fantasies:

These pants
Under this dress
With these shoes
And these sunglasses

+ you beside me in matching sunglasses and this dress and these earrings.


On Mar 27, 2018 at 9:05 PM, Harling Ross wrote:

DEAL. But let’s throw a matching set of these in the mix, too — just to bring your wallet needs and my PVC obsession to a satisfying conclusion.

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis.

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