Leandra and Amelia Debate Spring Trends (and Shopping Lists)

On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 5:16 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

The subject line of this email (“Should I buy this?”) is deceiving because there is literally no reason for me to buy anything right now other than like, food to store in my fridge and non-perishables for my pantry in case the Bomb Cyclone comes back. Plus, you know how much I like a dry January (see: this story), so I’m probably not going to shop for anything unless I get so depressed that I need a ridiculous pick-me-up — in which case, this is on my wish list.

But!!!! Here is an example of an outfit I wish I were wearing (to be clear, the floral bustier pairs over the striped t-shirt):

And here is the truth about what I am de facto wearing:

Ballet flats were a weird choice three days following a snow storm but, you know, I’m weird.

Finale comment! Staud sent this bag to me as a holiday gift and it is recently the best thing I own!!!

On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 7:49 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

In the best and most you way, that first outfit sounds insane. I cannot wait to see it. Do you wear socks with the sock shoes?

You know what I’ll be curious to see? How motherhood affects how you dress — not because your focus will be drawn elsewhere or because you’ll be busier, but how you subconsciously express the combination of your old and new persona through clothes. Do you know??

Your “de facto” outfit looks like the coziest thing since those sheep footstools I keep seeing in home design stores and magazines.

I’ve been on the hunt for a few pretty boring but practical things lately:

Snow-and-rain boots that work with an outfit all day, or at least don’t ruin it during a commute, liiike:

These navy Bernardo platform rain boots from Fivestory
These black leather square toe biker boots from Zara, on sale and under $30 (I’m so mad at myself for not getting these dark brown ones — they only have a 6 1/2 left)
These Tod’s Chelsea boots on sale for $305 (Which may only seem reasonable because it’s Tod’s, but as far as “shoes in this pretty un-fun category” go, these ones are good looking)
These just popped up while I was looking at sale boots on NAP but they are also $300 — should I get or not worth it? They have crystal buckles on them, as a bonus.
These are only impractical considering the category of SNOW and RAIN, but they’re great for cold weather, generally. Jil Sander, $200: yes/no — in addition to my snow boot hunt? (Are they almost too pointy? Is everything going to be totally square by next year? Although I’m not so sure I totally care.)

One pair of great black pants, that are high waist, straight (not wide, not tapered) leg — sexy in the way jeans can be. Like black pants I can wear “out.” It’s a pretty snoozy hunt so I won’t bore you with it. So far I like these but they’re not in my size. Annoying because $157 feels reasonable for the ~*quality*~ I’m after here.

And a few new sweaters to replace my out-of-shape pilled ones:
This Everlane knit is my new favorite.
But now I also want this one (and it’s pretty in crimson but can’t tell how much I’ll wear that color?).

In non-boring, non-practical news, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about these green-tipped Tibi boots ever since you ‘grammed them.


On Wed, Jan 17, 2018 at 1:03 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Does it scare you when shoes at Zara cost less than lunch? I want these sandals so much but they’re $10! How is that even possible? You can’t even get orange juice in Soho for $10 anymore. It’s too bad about those clunky boots, though, I like them for you! You have been dressing so much cooler…it must be the ~Spencer persuasion.~ His style is much better than yours.

I am nuts about those Tibi boots, too. They really let you lean into the cowboy boot trend without actually wearing cowboy boots, even though I *did* manage to get my hands on those Isabel Marant ones from last year for $180 during holiday season. These ivory ones from Tibi pre-fall are so great too. Speaking of shoes: still haunting my dreams are those Balenciaga mules. On principle, I will not get them, but why are they haunting me? I’ve seen them on 100 people, and tend to shy away from shit you can recognize from a mile down the road.

Another question: is royal blue about to become a thing? I think yes. But enough about winter shoes! Who are you going to be come Spring? Will you bring this dramatic maxi dress with you? Or how about this one, practically made for a Palm Beach stroll? Will you add this necklace? These bracelets? THESE sunglasses?

Maybe I do need those satin mules…I don’t know! I just don’t know!

On Sun, Jan 21, 2018 at 7:55 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

Okay for real, lunch in our neighborhood needs to calm the hell down. We need an Essen deli or something like it close by.

I still think about those Balenciaga mules too. I don’t know what it is. Or actually I think I do: they’re that polished ladylike capsule-happy shoe — almost — but then they’re so long and pointy that they’re weird, which gives them that FASHUN thing. I think you should get them. I’d like to live vicariously through you. I wonder what The Shoe will be this season…

I have a hard time with royal blue as a color. It’s so crayon! What do you see that’s royal blue that made you think that?

Okay, now, I like where your head’s at with thinking spring. I also like that your wardrobe selection is essentially Lilly Pulitzer’s wardrobe in 1963. (Which we have to do a tribute to at some point, by the way. It’s pretty amazing and apparently she never wore shoes.)

I honestly don’t know WHO I want to be come spring. It still feels so far away!

I know I want this Jacquemus dress, though. In my mind, it would be so fun to be someone who always looks fully DRESSED, but in an easy way. Like if you show up in this hot pink dress, whether you’re in heels or flat sandals, you’re dressed. If you put on this orange Kalita dress (these sales rule) you are also very dressed. This Toga dress is cool. Put this on and you are most definitely dressed. I loooove this dress — this whole brand is pretty, Gül Hürgel.

I’d wear it with this Becca necklace, which I’m hovering over but think I should just click “buy.” It’s $165. Happy anniversary to myself, from myself, for living with me!

I think I’m still too winter-minded, though. I can’t help but think about things that feel practical (ish), like that black Racil blazer Pandora’s been making the case for. It’s so expensive but I haven’t bought anything in a while and I can’t stop thinking about it… what do you think?? Yes, no, buffalo?

Q: This Jacquemus polka dot shirt just made me think of something that’s been tickling my nose: Do you think polka dots are totally done? I think I’m sick of them but can’t tell if I’ll eat my words come some warm sun.

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 9:31 AM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Polka dots, polka dots…I don’t know that they are anywhere near over, generally speaking, but if you are asking whether you will see them ad nauseam over the course of the next 18 months, the answer is yes and we will probably stop wanting to shoot them at some point very soon. There’s also something about the Jacquemus polka dots, I don’t know what it is. But don’t you find that that blouse would feel like a real investment purchase if it were not rendered in polka dot? It is on sale, and what a neckline, but I don’t know. Actually I do. It would be great with the right denim cut-offs. Are these the right denim cut-offs? I want them. They’re on my list of things-I-hope-go-on-sale-to-buy-post-pregnancy.

Hey! That Racil blazer is great. Ask your boss for a raise and buy the damn blazer! Question though: Do the rhinestones and velvet lapels make it feel too holiday? Moving on — get this necklace instead!!! It’s more expensive, but I’m pretty sure that charm to the right is a HORSE!!!

Now, as for all that dramatic rhetoric pertaining to looking “fully DRESSED,” but in an easy way, I think what you’re talking about is precisely a cornerstone of what it means to look “put together.” And I am in total agreement — actually, I have been for a while. I was looking back at former Should I Buy This episodes and it occurred to me that I’ve been telling you I want to dress more like a lady for like, two years. But, you know, a pair of ripped jeans always does rear its head and that thwarts me right back to Square A. Tbh, I wouldn’t recommend buying any of the dresses that you showed me; I think there’s a way to do this that allows for a capsule wardrobe, or uniform and the introduction of various accessories that you can easily swap in and out (and store at home!). Here’s an example: tailored shorts like these, these, these or these:

A delicate tank top (my favorites are Hanro), but I like the linen-slib Isabel Marant ones too, particularly because the necklace accommodates jewelry in a way that really shows it OFF:

And some raffia loafers, which don’t exist yet, but which will when Collection 5 of the MR by Man Repeller shoes launch next month! In the meantime, ballet flats and glove shoes and mules work as well.

So you wear some combo of that every day, and then you go HAM with your hat! Or your hair clamp! And your sunglasses!

And your charm necklace! And your earrings! And your silk-ass scarves! To wear as headbands!

And your bag! And you keep rotating and rotating until summer ends, and then you do it some more.

I’m going to wear this strapless dress with this crop top over it, a beige woven belt over the crop top and my raffia loafers all summer. Probably plus some ~blackout~ shades.

K bye.

On Mon, Jan 22, 2018 at 9:04 PM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

I love when you dress me but it’s actually you. Do you remember that time you dressed me like Zelda?

I like all these outfits you put together though and agree that it’s so nice to have a clean canvas you jooj. If we’re talking perfect tailored shorts, for me, it’s these Dries Van Noten ones (which are so on sale I’d get them but they don’t have my size). My feet swear to go bare until your raffia loafers arrive, btw. Except I really like these Tory Burch sandal clogs. And these black sandal heels that look like they’re wearing puffy headbands. And I like these Topshop sock booties in black. I’m sure Tamu has the Balenciaga ones, but I really want them because of her. She keeps using them to complete all her outfits in a really crisp way.

Oh speaking of Topshop here’s an outfit Harling and you would wear.

Actually a lot of Topshop is really good right now. I love the arm shape of this green tee shirt with a cactus embroidered on it.

Jacquemus blew that 80s redux breath out into the world and everyone is still catching wind. That’s why his polka dots felt so good. With those puffy ass sleeves, it was like the 1980s at Oscar de la Renta all over again in the best way possible. But if puffy sleeves and polka dots were this season’s scratch to the off-the-shoulder itch, and they’re soon deflating (because of the inevitable trend cycle) then on the sleeve front, what’s next? Have we run out of all the possible options save for full-on wizard (and remember when that tried to happen)? Or will it be all about the tube top? Who knows. Here’s what I like now, which doesn’t point me in any clear direction:

This floral Caroline Constas shrug top
This Alice McCall see-through blouse
This pretty straightforward Phillip Lim white crisper
This gold top meant for a disco
Whoops and speaking of polka dots

….but all of that feels directly oppositional to a capsule wardrobe, huh?

On Tue, Jan 23, 2018 at 2:29 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

I like those sock boots from Topshop because they come in like 100 colors and are called “Mojito boots.”

Your closing question: are you after a capsule wardrobe? If you are, then yes and no, they are oppositional. Yes if you are defining a capsule wardrobe the way everyone else does, i.e. as a small selection of basics you can wear 4ever, but no if you’re more flexible and your version of a capsule, still small, does not care at all for the concept of a basic.

Honestly, though, those tops are not your taste at all, unless your taste is changing and you forgot to tell me. Asshole.

I have a good feeling about the potential return of the tube top and plan to begin acting upon this feeling with that LoveShackFancy mini dress from my last email. Meanwhile, I love these pants, too: Capris are fun. I wouldn’t mind them with the matching jacket, and like, a low key cowboy boot. Or! Nevermind! How about these Tory Burch pumps!

Topshop *is* really good RN! Did you look at more of the shoes? These are in my cart (traction! They come in black too) and the rest of these are on my mind.

Oh! And these are the Ganni boots I was telling you to get.

Back to the previous boots, I guess I’m really into gold right now? Want to wear with high waist non-stretch jeans, a striped shirt and cropped faux fur leopard coat. I also know if I weren’t pregnant, I probably wouldn’t wear this outfit at all. It seems gimmicky and I don’t feel like looking like a gimmick anymore, g-dang it.

Meanwhile, as I wait for summer like Broadway waits for Godot, here is another of my trend predictions realized — VISORS ARE BACK.

I’m not waiting another minute before I produce Man Repeller bucket hats, enough is enough.

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 9:17 AM, Amelia Diamond wrote:

It’s true, those shirts aren’t me. (Still fun though!) I’m always comfiest in a sweater or a great white shark I mean tee.

Go Topshop, by the way. Those shoes rule. I just bought the black ones I showed you but those gold boots legit look good for snow. So do the Ganni ones but I’m not sure they’re my “vibe.” You’ll have to excuse my saying “vibe.”

I think in a dream world I’d have two closets: the capsule, and the fantasy. On most days, when I’m in a rush or really just need to feel like myself, I’d walk in and out of the capsule closet in under two minutes so long as I didn’t forget to do laundry and therefore didn’t have to improvise on underwear/bras. On days where I had time to truly luxuriate in the slow joy of coming up with an outfit, I’d have this fantasy closet to walk into and ask, “What movie-version of myself do I want to play today?”

And everything would just be so organized. I’m one of those people who should never win the lottery because I fear I’d spend it all at the Container Store.

Can we talk about some fun trinkets I want, just as treatz to treat myself?

A new phone case, for one. This one’s fun, this one’s very in line with my bedroom’s aesthetic.

I love this belt. I’m getting it. What should I wear it with? Also, this sarong is beautiful. I’m funny about mustard but this is more gold than anything. In the same color vein is this Tory Burch diamond “coat” (it’s really more of a kaftan from what I remember) that we shot for that story on reworking old bridesmaids dresses. I loved it so much then and now it’s on sale. …Should I?

Want to see one of the most insane pair of sunglasses in the world? WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS WOULD MAKE MY FACE LOOK LIKE AND DOES IT EVEN MATTER? (I forget how much fun the sale section of Moda is because it is so ridiculous!!) Over in Farfetch vintage land, here’s a beautiful vintage Kansai Yamamoto hair comb for you.

And so many good belts:

This red YSL one with stars
This one with zig zags
These very cool vintage YSL breech/trouser combo… Really might need.

I’m so all over the place, though, which tells me I’m in a transition mode and should probably CHILL…

But here’s the ultimate drum role of a question, and before you can answer in a way that hurts either my soul, sole or wallet, let it be known this is my last:

Should I buy these pink satin Marni mules?

My justifications are as follows:

– The only word I can use to describe them is “lovely.”

– $507 is so much for satin shoes, but they are on sale from $845

– I (for all my asking what I should buy) have been far more thoughtful about less impulse or panic purchases. I cannot tell you the last time I walked into Zara for a dress just because I had a party that night.

– I love them. I would cherish them and use them to make outfits better and pack them as my only shoes for Paris if it promised not to rain.

Maybe I will get them as a pre-Valentine to myself. I’ll still get you chocolates though!

On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 12:18 PM, Leandra Medine wrote:

Fine, get the damn mules — but the next time you accuse me of making you look like a character on Game of Thrones, remember that you have done that to yourself with those shoes. And hey! Thanks for the pro-tip on that hair grip, I’m buying it right now!

I’ll keep it in this pouch, next to these scrunchies

All while I wear the world’s greatest Adidas sneakers with soft core clothes (perhaps a denim jumpsuit? — but why the fuck is this one $955!?) and these fab-ass earrings by Ashley Pittman.

Basta. The end. Don’t call me. Bye.

Photos by Louisiana Mei Gelpi; Art Direction by Emily Zirimis. 

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