An Official Invitation to Wear Every Color This Spring

Stella von Senger models spring colors.

From: The Weather-Appropriate Wardrobe Committee
To: bcc
Subject: The Spring 2018 Colors Gala

Good morning,

It is our absolute pleasure to invite you to the Spring 2018 Colors Gala, featuring our guests of honor, stylist Stella von Senger and photographer Denise Bodden.

Vintage Acne Studios top -- another here, Mih jeans, Prada shoes, Prada sunglasses, All Blues earringsVintage Acne Studios top -- another here, Mih jeans, Prada shoes, Prada sunglasses, All Blues earrings

After much deliberation, this year’s theme is “Picnics and Popsicles,” chosen for its satisfying alliteration, the cute hashtag possibilities and, most importantly, the color palette. The Committee would like to acknowledge that the theme’s name was decided in a 45/55 split, with just less than half the WAWC expelling an audible groan when “Picnics and Popsicles” was first suggested, and the slight majority: a delighted squeal. The former group came around once it was confirmed that “Picnics and Popsicles” could be viewed as ironic. All’s well that ends in bold, bright outfits.

Logistical Details:

Where: Your backyard, the park, anywhere you can put a blanket down, anywhere with scratchy grass, your imagination

When: Now until June 21st, 2018, technically (although you’ll find that the gala has been known to bleed into summer)

Temperature: 75 degrees Fahrenheit

Most importantly, the Dress Code:

Tie-dye dresses with optional blouson sleeves (in aquamarine blues and sea glass greens)
Straw bags striped with berry colors and dangling yellow lantern earrings
Cocktail-olive-green silk dresses with enough fringe to make a grandmother’s ottoman blush
Square purses in a shade of pink so specific one might liken it to the color of a newborn kitten’s nose, with red lucite handles that, when paired with the cocktail-olive-green dress, look like the missing pimento
-Bare feet

Paisley mules in a groovy 1960s wallpaper hue
Tomato red gardening trousers, worn either with a newspaper-colored collared shirt or anything at all that your heart desires
-A straw hat (to be placed on top of the head while standing; on top of the face while napping)
Sunglasses sourced by a Venice Beach bodybuilding museum in the same blue hue of a 1974 math textbook cover
Clear totes for a clear mind
Sandals that double as friendly baby bird monsters
-Sun-blocking turtlenecks (if Diane Keaton can stand the heat, so can you) in key-lime-pie green
Bermuda-sand-pink pants and a gingham shirt tied around the waist
-Black suede clogs to throw ‘em off your scent (if you have to ask who, then you’re safe)
Black square-toed embellished pilgrim shoes, just in case

Vintage Acne Studios top -- another here, Mih jeans, Prada shoes, Prada sunglasses, All Blues earringsVintage Acne Studios top -- another here, Mih jeans, Prada shoes, Prada sunglasses, All Blues earrings

Key-lime-pie green and Bermuda-sand pink paired together, in general, also known as a “Palm Beach Wedding”
Floral pants without the Miranda Priestly “florals for spring” reference
Ribbed knit polos, preferably — though this isn’t mandatory — in the same shade of blue as a new folder on your computer’s desktop
Cherry-pie-red-and-whipped-cream-white checked dresses (worn with or without butter-yellow tights)
Pearls: rings, earrings, barrettes, etc.
-As much citrus (oranges, lemons) as your acidity tolerance can possibly stomach
-More pink: let’s call it anything but millennial, though (note that it’s especially swinging on a long skirt)
Pool-water-blue striped button-downs
Rouched everything, but especially dresses with teeny flowers all over them
-Backbends, cartwheels, splits, bendy-legs
-Sun squints, sunscreen, sunshine
-Sleeping dogs

As always, feel free to interpret the above as you wish: take what you love, leave that which activates your allergies, sing at the top of your lungs and forgo any sort of underpants.

See you there with bells on!

The Weather-Appropriate Wardrobe Committee

Photos by Denise BoddenStyled and modeled by Stella von Senger

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond

Amelia Diamond is a writer, creative consultant, and Man Repeller alumnus living in New York City.

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