A Dating App That Lets You Star in Your Own Romcom

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The majority of my interactions with dating apps have been peripheral: urging nervous single friends to join, swiping through others’ prospects at parties, insisting it’s cool, generally, to say you met online. But even if I believe apps are an effective and virtuous way to bring people together, I’ve always met my own partners more organically due to close proximity: a school friend, a fellow club member, a roommate (oops). My advocacy for online dating is curiously unsubstantiated.

There’s something to both approaches though, and that’s something Huggle, a dating app that dips its toes into both pools, has set out to explore, research and prove. The app matches people via the internet but it does so based on where they frequently hang out, and the data Huggle’s team has collected on this intersection is surprising. For instance, a woman is 38% more likely to swipe “yes” when she has places in common with a person (local coffee shops, dive bars, parks, etc.), and has a 65% higher chance of actually matching with a person who shares her go-tos. They’ve also found that people who hang around the same places send almost double the messages to each other in comparison to those who don’t. This is meet cute territory, people.

Huggle analyzed over 300,000 profiles to get those stats, and they all support the same theory: people like people who frequent the same places as them, and that will translate to their swiping behavior. I get it. I know at least five people who have crushes on their barastas. I’m convinced everyone is full of these kinds of local crushes that are just waiting to be sparked, so I ran a bunch of polls on Instagram to prove myself (and Huggle, I guess, because of its lovable, cuddly name) right. The MR Community cast over 136,000 votes, which is so impressive I’m adding this research to my resumé.

Below are the results, presented as a path of possible connections that really, if you think about it, could be yours to spark.

What about you? Does any of this ring true? If you didn’t answer on Instagram, where do you stand on the extended laundromat hang?

Download Huggle here!

Infographic designed by Claudia Argueta; follow her on Instagram @vibesbyclaudia.

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman

Haley Nahman is the Features Director at Man Repeller.

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