Whisky + Hugs = MR Community Event #5

On Wednesday night, we held our fifth Man Repeller community event at Fine & Rare, a new (not yet open!) restaurant in midtown Manhattan whose beautiful back room felt a little bit like a cozy cabin on a ship, far from the day’s responsibilities and full of people you like. And whisky. A lot of whisky.

Our team and 15 of our community members embarked on said ship to say hey, taste whisky, eat expensive apple slices (apparently pink-on-the-inside apples come at a hefty price: $5/per!) and the best fucking mac n’ cheese that exists on planet Earth (not an exaggeration), and remember our humanity by way of a shared and ernest enthusiasm. What I’m not sure any of us expected was to walk away with so much knowledge of whisky.

Our hosts (and literal spirit guides) (am I the first person to make that joke?) were Allison Patel of Brenne Whisky and Tommy Tardie of Fine & Rare. Did you know there are four main types of whisky (just like red and white are types of wine?): bourbon, malt, blended and rye? Scotch could be any of them, that just means it was made in Scotland! Cognac is something different entirely! Oh and this is a good one: breathe immediately out of your mouth entirely after you take a sip of whisky to abate the burn. I don’t know! I might have been a little ignorant going into this. Don’t judge me.

ANYWAY. We learned a lot about whisky, but also each other. And it was so nice. I’m not going to get mushy!!!! I won’t. But we love this stuff. So thanks for staying engaged and making everything feel so worth it. And if you want to attend as a ghost, watch some live coverage below!

Until next time.

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Special thanks to Brenne Whisky (follow Brenne on Instagram here!) and Fine & Rare for the food and drinks! Get 10% off Brenne Whisky here using the offer code “FRISKY”. Photos by Krista Anna Lewis (and team!).


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