Why Don’t You: Wear Black Tie to a White Sneaker?

The idea of formal tops never seemed very appealing to me.

With a skirt, or a pair of pants that could moonlight as black tie appropriate, “faking it” with a t-shirt is easy — and adding a denim jacket makes “it” decidedly White Sneaker (the antithesis of Black Tie?) appropriate.

When you want to fake it with a formal top, what happens south of the torso? A skirt? Snooze. Huge pants? Yeah, sure, maybe. But that’s limiting — what about when you’re not formal event bound? Who wants to wear a non-t-shirt anyway? That’s like conceding to going out in going out tops and doing that unironically.

Or is it?

When Vika Gazinskaya first showed her blue chiffon, hand-painted off-the-shoulder blouse for Spring 2010, my whole perception of these alleged going out tops changed. (See also: this). Why wouldn’t I wear one casually? T-shirts are great — but frankly, when they’re paired with jeans, and jeans only, they’re just t-shirts.

When Rosie Assoulin revealed her first collection, my microcosm of a world devoid of raw silk and faille and dupioni silk imploded. I was doing it wrong and the trailblazers of this decidedly unfancy, fancy livelihood were doing it right, so I’m rectifying my wrongs starting right here, on this fine looking Friday afternoon and tampering with one black faille one shoulder blouse which could have debuted at the Oscars last week but instead debuted with $3 jeans, a striped shirt from Zara, and a pair of Saint Laurent sneakers on Bleecker Street yesterday.

To be fair, I did also wear it like this last week in Paris:


Which I feel pretty good about. So, I think that officially makes it your turn to take what’s fancy and supermarket it the shit up like no one, not even Karl Lagerfeld, has ever normcore’d before.

Should we talk about that term or save the conversation on mindless virality and every Gen. Y stereotyped having cometh true for next week?

As of right now, this conversation, in its unpublished state, is actually a monologue so I’ll go ahead and make the executive decision to hold off until Monday and instead suggest that with the help of the neat little tool below, you shop, which, you know, is different from buying, but it’s Friday, so… Treat. Yo. Self.

Rosie Assoulin top, Zara t-shirt, Levi’s jeans, Saint Laurent sneakers, Armani sunglasses

Leandra M. Cohen

Leandra M. Cohen is the founder of Man Repeller.

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