11 Must-Read Books for Winter Hibernation

Now is a good time to lose ourselves in books. And I don’t mean just because our radiators draws us in like magnets when the temperature drops. I mean because reading, as Amelia pointed out last week, is a way to cope. With stress, sadness, boredom, hopelessness, societal unrest. All the stuff that makes us want to crawl under our covers and, I don’t know, live out the rest of our lives there. I guess the irony of books as coping mechanisms is they, too, might keep us under the covers for a while, but a voluntary duvet fort is far preferable than one inhabited out of dread.

Above, the team has shared some of our favorite winter reads for this round of MR Book Club. And as a special dead-of-winter treat, each one comes complete with sock and beverage recommendations, just in case your feet and stomach need some TLC, too. Click through and then share yours!

Photos by Krista Anna Lewis.

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