Office Apropos: 6 Winter Outfits and a #Stickofbutter Revival

Welcome to Office Apropos Winter 2020! It’s the first Office Apropos of the decade and the second in our new publishing format, in which we share the outfits we wore to work one day at a time. Below are six outfits we wore to work last Wednesday.

Psst, you can see what we wore last Tuesday here. Enjoy!


I spent the sum of this day at the office, save for the occasion of a 10:45 a.m. coffee meeting which, hot tip, is a terrible time to meet someone for coffee because the likelihood that you need a caffeine jolt is null lest you have exercised the tremendous willpower necessary to hold out, but it’s also too late for breakfast and too early for lunch, so what do you do? Find yourself drinking tea. Drinking a tea and snoring into your cup. Which, you know, is reason enough to overdress your upper body with a jacket, no top, complimented by unseasonal turquoise beads and a pair of wool trousers. Also, it was like 30 degrees and cloudy, so not wearing socks was kind of dumb, but also fine because I spent most of the day indoors. Don’t listen to the weather forecast, folks. Listen to your heart!


I had a schedule of back-to-back calls and meetings on this day plus plans to meet an old friend for a non-alcohol drink (hellooooo dry Jan) at 169 Bar later that night, so I was seriously confused about what to wear for this ultimate work-to-evening transition. After trying on and rejecting multiple outfit iterations, I made the call I should have made in the first place: #stickofbutter. On went my favorite, extremely warm Doen sweater, white jeans I choose to wear long past their summer prime, and the perfect tissue-thin turtleneck from Cuyana. Pleased to report that I transitioned seamlessly.


Another jam-packed day with lots of client meetings in and out of the office, plus a trip to the gynecologist and a work dinner in the evening. Probably not ideal for wearing these boots, but I actually stomped through in total comfort. In hindsight, I would have preferred my sweater to be longer with this, a note for when I wear it again next week. Also, this is my third winter with this coat and it never fails, cost-per-wear and all that is really shaping up.


Zara dress, ASOS coat, vintage cowboy boots -- similar here, vintage coat -- similar hereZara dress, ASOS coat, vintage cowboy boots -- similar here, vintage coat -- similar here

I’m not sure what this outfit says about me but I think it says a lot. Should we dive into that? No? Well, too bad, I’m going to. First, my affinity for vintage is alive and well and doing just fine. My shoes (thank you, Etsy gods) and my mid-layer jacket (can we call you that?) are both oldies but very goodies that I’ve had in my closet forever. I pictured them both rejoicing silently when I plucked them out of the closet because it has been way too long since they’ve seen the light of day. Secondly, I am resembling nothing less than Mother Ginger (Nutcracker, anyone?) in this silhouette thanks to this midi babydoll dress from Zara. Random but great find and proof that short people can—and will!—wear oversized clothing with our heads held high.


I finally get to say this and have it actually apply: I have a dinner later!!! I feel like this is a notch in my New Yorker belt (as if people don’t eat dinner in other cities). That and the fact that I successfully pried the subway door open for myself last week so I wouldn’t miss my train transfer. I kept it pretty straightforward since said “dinner” is with a client, so I chose an Eileen Fisher top that gave off “per my last email” vibes, and jeans comfy enough to withstand a good pasta dinner. This coat I stole from my sister six years ago (best decision of my life); it’s 13-plus years old but you’d never know it.


Today will forever be known as the day former-Cosmo editor Joanna Coles called attention to me in front of a room full of people (on a microphone at a panel for The Bold Type!!) to ask about the “interesting pattern” on my sweater. For anybody else that’s as curious as she was: It’s a face! This outfit is a perfect reminder of the perks of working in downtown Manhattan. I got this jacket from an A.P.C. sample sale in Soho a few months ago, and the aforementioned sweater from the Paloma Wool pop-up that happened just a few street away a week before Christmas.

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