Winter Office Apropos Is Here With 6 Post-Long-Weekend Outfit Ideas for You

Welcome to Office Apropos Winter 2020! It’s the first Office Apropos of the decade and the second in our new publishing format in which we share the outfits we wore to work one day at a time. Below are six outfits we wore to work last Tuesday when it was sunny and 32 degrees.


On tap for this 39-degree, sunny day: moderate a Business Insider panel in the morning, spend the day in the office, meet my two best high school friends for dinner. You know they’re my high school friends because I still call them my best friends but that’s beside the point. The outfit recipe is actually a waterfall of questions: what can I wear that makes me look (and therefore feel) professional in order to satisfy my desire to be taken seriously among a room of business executives at the panel? That’s how I landed on the pants. Followed by: Great! Now what can I wear with it to make me look (and therefore feel) spicy — like myself? Which is how I landed on the sequined cardigan layered over a casual black cotton henley t-shirt. Finally: what’s a pair of shoes that don’t have heels, but aren’t sneakers, and feel like socks, but aren’t my aquatic shoes by The Row. Cut to: le slingbacks. And that’s what I have to say about that. Except for: I got this cardigan from YOUKNOWWHERE for $55 bucks!


I’ve finally discovered the secret to getting dressed on a freezing cold morning in January: check Vogue Runway, click to the very last photo in the new Chanel Couture collection slideshow, fall in love with Virginie Viard’s final bow outfit, and proceed to approximate it immediately with items from your own wardrobe. I lamented the fact that I didn’t own pinstripe pants (must find and buy ASAP) or a collarless black jacket (never have I bemoaned the fact that so many jackets have collars in this instance), but I made do with the ingredients I had on hand. In the end, the result was not perfect but still wholly satisfying, and much better than what I would have organically concocted without the creative jump start. Would and will wear again.


Believe it or not, I took my 4th flight in 5 days last night and today I have 9 meetings, one of them being with a client offsite, and then drinks in the evening. I didn’t think long and hard about putting this together, I literally went for smart-ish comfort that felt appropriate for the many different moments I’m going to have today. Two important things I’d like to note: firstly these jeans are currently my favorite denim purchase of the year, they’re the perfect straight slim cut I’ve always looked for and I know I’m going to wear them so much and secondly, this used to be my mum’s everyday bag 5 years ago and I recently found it stashed in a drawer. I’m excited to revive it!


Mango pants, Zara coat -- another here, vintage black turtleneck sweater -- similar here, Dansko clogs, Elizabeth & James sunglasses, Repeller beanieMango pants, Zara coat -- another here, vintage black turtleneck sweater -- similar here, Dansko clogs, Elizabeth & James sunglasses, Repeller beanie

I’m not entirely sure even what day it is because my brain after a long weekend is useless. BUT what I do know, is I am nothing if not a clog person. I feel like I am one step closer to my final form every time a put these shoes on. They scream quirky and fun but also, and this is key here, highly sensible. AKA, ME. The shoes carry the outfit (clearly, I know) but me being me, I had to really push the quirky but fun narrative and top it off with these sunglasses. Being the rational person I am, I had to tone this mess down with a ~groundbreaking~ all black look. I have no shame in admitting that these pants are the favorites in my closet and I bought them in every color that was available. I also feel it’s worth noting that I hate that I’ve described myself as “quirky but fun” not once but twice in the span of one paragraph.. someone stop me.


Everlane jeans, Verbenas boots, vintage blazer -- similar here, vintage belt -- similar hereEverlane jeans, Verbenas boots, vintage blazer -- similar here, vintage belt -- similar here

A belted blazer is new territory for me. I know, I know, whEre haVe I beEn? I feel so refined, so clasè, so like my mom (or really any woman alive) in the 80’s! My true style motivation — though I always appreciate an opportunity to pay homage to Momma C — was that I woke up quite flustered and wanted to counter it with a simple, put-together look. Some days you just don’t have it in you for a multitude of layers, or tassels, or too much color (stop me if I’m getting too somber, haha) I’m just out here tryna have a no-fuss day, pals. So I went for a no-fuss ‘fit.


I feel like I’m tempting fate every time I leave the house in this jumpsuit—especially when my day involves two subway rides and lunchtime tortilla soup, like it did today. But, you know what they say: high risk, high reward. (I’m sure this was meant to be applied to my office attire.) I had the legs and arms of this jumpsuit tailored—it’s fitted perfectly for tall people but, alas, I am of average height—so I’m trying to wear it a lot to make the alterations worth it. Other things that were definitely worth their cost: These Ganni boots that I got on sale a few months ago and have worn approx. 3–5 times a week since.

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