Layering Tricks to Break You Out of Your Winter Rut

Even with the weird blip of warm weather that’s been teasing New York City, this winter has felt never-ending. Short of staying home to watch the new season of Grace & Frankie in underwear (preferred), the only thing that’s managed to get me out of the house and into the cold is a concept most frequently adopted by children on Halloween: sneaky layers.

I’m all for thick, bulky layering on snow days where the city turns into a winter wonderland. But when it’s that bone-chill kind of cold, and I need to commute and move and take my coat off once I’m inside without the help of a pit crew, I’ve found that sneaky layers keep me warm but are less likely to make me overheat. Just like snowflakes, there are infinite iterations of this approach but, thus far, these three winter tricks haven’t failed me yet.

1. Don’t Just Add a Pair of Colored Tights, Add Two Pairs — Maybe Three

Daily dressing doesn’t have to mean a repeat sequence of pants and jeans. Skirts and dresses still work in the winter so long as you adequately cover your legs. Wear two (or three, who’s counting?) pairs of thick, opaque hosiery in bright colors. Should that not meet the satisfaction of your extremities, a pair of socks will add texture to your look and keep your lower digits warm in the single digits.

2. Think of a Jumpsuit Like an Office-Appropriate Snowsuit 

Do you work in an office that refuses to acknowledge the frigid temperature outside? The simple solution is a turtleneck…under everything. For this particular outfit, layer a turtleneck underneath a jumpsuit, and add a sweater over. Try choosing a sweater with a fun color that will create shape and/or additional texture. It’s not just about warmth, you know!!!

3. Dresses Aren’t Just Dresses, They’re Blankets

Puffer coats have yet to get old. However, it’s very easy to go from “puff” to “frump” when traversing the cityscape in cold conditions. The major key here is silhouette. Forget about a thick sweater and throw on a maxi dress instead. Think of it like a blanket when worn over your favorite denim (and if you get hot indoors no matter what, consider short sleeves). To complete the look, add a sleek boot, like this one from Aska, that will balance out your puffy look. However, it would be remiss of me to not act as your mother and remind you to grab your hat!

See? A little bulk never hurt anybody.

Photos by Edith Young.

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