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Have you heard of the Man Repeller Writers Club? Every month we pose a story idea, you write about it and then send it to us ([email protected]) with the subject line “MR Writers Club.” We go through all submissions and post the winner on the first Saturday of every month. Ready? Let’s go.

I hit her up because I had to — there was no way that I could see that photograph of that woman and not tell her how striking she was. Was it weird? Kinda. Was I deterred? Absolutely not. But let me tell you: There is no greater anticipation than waiting for a gorgeous stranger to reply to your unsolicited DM.

I checked to see if the message was ever marked “seen” for what felt like forever. Eventually it was. Still nothing. Probably because her profile’s private and we didn’t follow each other. Or because Instagram isn’t a dating app. Either way, a month later I had all but written the whole thing off.

Which is why I was a bit sheepish when I noticed her dancing no more than ten feet away from me at Papi Juice. Not surprised though — she clearly was as cool as I had gathered from that one photo I saw of her six weeks prior; her being there proved it. And the way she moved so confidently in that chic all black ‘fit — smiling, dancing, having what looked like so much fun — I ached with sadness thinking that maybe I had blown any chance I’d have at knowing her.

This is turning into a seriously sappy ode so please allow me to just cut right to the chase: This woman is now my whole-ass girlfriend. TLDR: I managed to successfully slide into the baddest bitch in Brookyn’s DMs and, tbh, I am still shocked that it worked. But it did. (“It’s pretty simple,” she says of how. “You stayed cute and patient.”)

Which fiiiiinally brings me to this month’s Writers Club prompt: What’s your most unlikely win? Got a successful DM slide of your own to share? How about a classic underdog tale? Maybe you, like Harling, dropped your iPhone onto the subway tracks only to have it miraculously retrieved an hour later with nary a scratch! Whatever it is, we wanna hear about the most shocking/surprising/unexpected success you’ve ever experienced. Send your stories (500 words or less, please) to write [at] manrepeller [dot] com with the subject line “MR Writers Club” on or before March 25th. Can’t wait to read. Happy writing, winners!

Photo by Richard Baker via Getty Images. 

Emma Bracy

Emma is the Associate Editor at Man Repeller.

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