Trust Me, Try It: I’m Recommending Something Called “The Killer”?

Trust Me, Try It: The Killer

When I first started writing for Man Repeller, I never imagined that I’d be endorsing anything called “The Killer.” I did not know I’d be saying that the “Killer” changed the way I live my life, that it gave me a solution to an exhausting, ongoing dilemma, and that it was pretty.

However, here I am. And when I say “The Killer,” I’m talking about yeast infection suppositories.

For the past eight years of my life I have been prone to yeast infections. What are they, you ask? “A fungal infection that causes irritation, discharge, and intense itchiness of the vagina and vulva,” says Mayo Clinic. Cute! I’m not sure if it’s something about my downstairs pH, my overall body chemistry, or what, but I get them a lot. Like many times a year a lot, depending on the year. New sexual partner? Yeast infection. Took too long to shower after my run? Yeast infection. Sat on a bike for, like, two hours? Yeast infection.

And, if you’re a vagina-posessing individual, you, like me, may have tried Monistat: the classic over-the-counter cream or capsule insertion for banishing das yeast. It has…occasionally…worked for me. (I’m not here to spread horror stories but I tried the Monistat 1-Day in college and my eyes snapped open in the middle of the night, I rushed to the shower in horror, and I clawed at my nether regions for an hour trying to reduce the painful, itchy, horrible feeling of too-potent medicine. Also cute!)

Even my doctor, who will offer me pills to banish the yeast infections whenever I visit with the same old story, has often shrugged her shoulders and said: “You’re just one of those women who is more prone to these.” Okay, DOC.

Enter: Love Wellness’s “The Killer.” The first time I heard about this product was from a woman I was seeing. She had these in her bathroom cabinet and offered me one after I mentioned I was feeling a bit “imbalanced.” I inserted it overnight and the next morning I felt fine. The discomfort was seemingly gone. I rejoiced, and feverishly looked up the product online so I could buy several boxes.

It turned out that “The Killer,” in its très chic little box, is a boric acid suppository, which is a time-old, doctor-approved agent for balancing vaginal yeast and bacteria. These ones are doctor-developed, and have more than 1,748 five-star reviews on their website out of 1,925 reviews. One, that’s a lot of reviews, and two, that’s a lot of positive reviews. I guess this post is essentially my review, too.

I always have three boxes of “The Killer” on deck. Oftentimes, I’ll only need to use it for 3-4 days before I feel like I’m back to normal, but technically you can use the suppositories for up to 12 days. It has consistently brought me back to a feeling of “squeaky clean.”

Even if you’re not the kind of person described above (a.k.a. me) (in which case, lucky you), “The Killer” feels like the kind of thing that is important to have on hand for whenever your vagina feels like the queasy emoji. That being said!!!! If your symptoms don’t seem to indicate a yeast infection, check in with your doctor instead of resorting to these. I don’t want a maelstrom of comments telling me I’m being irresponsible by giving you over-the-counter options for yeast infections, ppl!

Anyway, the long and short of it is: “The Killer” has truly turned my life on its head in the best possible way, showing me a healthy path out of a long, frustrating cycle.

Give ’em a try and tell me what you think!

Photos by Beth Sacca.

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