5 Fall Trends That Are Going to Blow Up, According to Zara

I don’t believe in psychics or their ability to predict the future. I do, however, believe in Zara. Whether or not you’re a fan of fast-fashion, its foremost retailer has an uncanny ability to identify the exact trends that are going to go gangbusters every season and mass produce them accordingly (at a comparatively-low price point).

It’s easy to capitalize on a trend once it’s already very clearly trendy, but recognizing the viral potential of something before it becomes ubiquitous is another kind of magic entirely. That’s what Zara does best: It doesn’t just pinpoint the trend, it makes it wearable enough to go from niche to explosive.

If you’re curious about the biggest trends for fall, don’t waste your time looking for predictions on Google. Zara is the one and only Boolean operator you need. Below, five things you and everyone you know will soon be craving like the sartorial version of unrefined sugar, probably in a matter of weeks:

1. Red knee-high boots

The seed for this particular trend was no doubt planted last winter. Over-the-knee boots and ankle boots were starting to feel stale, and Isabel Marant, whose knack for serendipitous footwear timing is eerie, staked a claim on what was clearly fertile ground with a pair of cherry red, knee-high boots that featured a subtle mid-heel. I scoured the internet for a cheaper version and finally settled on these suede ones from Yoox. I guess I should have waited six months because Zara’s are a delight and cost $160.

2. Polka-dot tops

Jacquemus lit the fuse when it debuted a puffy-sleeved, polka-dot top in its Spring/Summer 2017 collection, which effectively conjured up images of that iconic Princess Diana outfit. The quiet wildfire was then fanned by Balenciaga and Loewe Fall/Winter 2017. I tried counting all the polka-dot top options currently brewing at a Zara near you but lost track because there are SO MANY. Seriously. I think I flagged at least six. I want all of them.

3. Semi-tacky belts

The good kind of tacky, though, by which I mean loud and exuberant but not at all garish. Balenciaga and Nina Ricci alerted me to the revelation that this admittedly fine line was, in fact, tread-able via their respective Spring/Summer 2017 and Fall/Winter 2017 collections. I haven’t worn a “statement” belt since I was in high school and actually swore off belts entirely shortly thereafter because they reminded me of moms trying to be cool, but suddenly they feel more like a guilty pleasure that I don’t need to feel guilty about. The $40 Zara price tag probably helps.

4. The NEW bucket bag

Just when you thought you were getting sick of bucket bags, a new sheriff galloped into town and amounts to something I would classify as a maximalist take on the minimalist favorite. Quietly pioneered and proliferated by the likes of Danse Lente, Carolina Santo Domingo, Lotuff, Trademark, Hayward and Proenza Schouler, the volume on this trend is about to get really, really loud. MARK MY WORDS. (Yes, that loud).

5. Cropped plaid trousers

If I were to describe the particular silhouette of this burgeoning trend to an alien from outer space, I would liken it to a stockbroker’s pants, if said stockbroker mysteriously grew six inches overnight and all of her trousers were suddenly a bit too short. Does that make sense? Regardless, it’s about to be everywhere.

Now put down that crystal ball and give your bicep a break.

Photos via Zara. 

Harling Ross

Harling is a writer and was most recently the Brand Director at Man Repeller.

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